Thursday, November 03, 2011

One Great Weekend

We had a lovely weekend. It was Jordan's 10th reunion from Brookside. Previously the class had opted to donate money for a couple students from the class of 2011's graduates. I thought they weren't going to party but they decided to do so. They met for the football game, then toured the school at half-time. The after party was held at the Winking Lizard. BUT previous to these events, we were able to celebrate Miss Lily's 2nd birthday. Yes, Jordan, Hillary and Lily and Robert came up for the weekend. What a treat that was but sadly Robert was at work. The Trefethens came for dinner and to play a bit. It was a great night. I brought up some vintage clown heads used for decorating and revived the theme of clowns crawling up over the cake...a theme that got me started in my cake decorating career...even took a class. Marissa freaks when it comes to clowns but young Henry didn't seem to be bothered one bit. We had a nice turkey dinner since Marc's sold Honeysuckle White turkeys for 69 cents/pound. And I can eat turkey anytime. Hillary and Jordan were very complimentary of the cake...probably because even the frosting was homemade.

On Saturday we spent a lovely day at French Creek Nature Center. They had a great display called Boo Loon Lagoon...and yes, all the things were made out of balloons and better yet, it was all FREE. Years ago I wanted to learn how to make balloon animals and decided to over come my fear of popping balloon and just got out some books and started. It was so easy and so much fun. I made them for the Primary activities, at family reunions. etc. But then, I moved on to other things. Because we weren't supposed to touch the display balloons when we came home I got up my very old, rotting balloons for Miss Lily and worked through a couple animals of the balloons that stayed inflated. Nothing like these but it was still fun.

See the skeleton fisherman? He even has caught a skeleton fish!

There was this great Venus Fly Trap but when you looked closely at the roots, you notice that the roots had entrapped a man. I really couldn't pick out a favorite but I sure loved the tree, and was starring at how knotted it seemed when Jordan pointed out that there were monkeys hanging from the many details. I loved it.

There was a wonderful loft made in one of the rooms where young small children could climb up and play inside this great room. Hillary thought it would be wonderful to build one in their basement in this one area but Jordan has other plans for that spot. I will wait and see if he builds it in Lily's bedroom. It would be idea...and her bed could always be underneath it.

And of course there were the standard displays. Lily and her mom enjoyed watching the snake stick out his tongue. For me, I was transported to the first Harry Potter story at the zoo...and I waited for the glass to disappear and the snake to look at us and say, "Thankssssssssssssss" It didn't happen but I hoped.

We walked out onto the observation deck and enjoyed the fall colors and listened to the French Creek as it scurried down the creekbed. Baby Robert slept the whole time, cozy'd up close to his dad. Hillary took this picture of Robert and me which I had printed off and it hangs on our kitchen wall. When Robert saw it, he exclaimed over all his silver hair and said that someone with hair like this should not be working.

I think he's ready to retire and I am so ready to have him least from the Mill. Hank has been so vigilant in trying to find Robert a new job and I pray that his efforts will be rewarded and we can see Robert finish out his work career in a safe, clean and decent company.

One more stop...Applebees...where the NHB treated us to lunch. And when the waitress heard it was Lily's birthday she brought out a lovely cup of ice cream and whipped cream. Lily was thrilled to be on the end (next to me) away from her parents and so enjoyed the treat....

Sitting next to her, I was able to take a picture of what her lap looked like.

Home for some rest, some football, some of whatever. Hillary and I took a fast run to Marc's and then brought home Giovanni's Pizza. It was a lovely weekend. The New Hatch Batch left early Sunday Morning to return to Columbus.

But the treat they left us with last, well, really Hillary did, was a double batch of chocolate chip cookie dough frozen in smaller batches in my freezer. So now, when Robert or I am hankering for some Chocolate Chippers, I can take out a packet and bake it up....and not only will I have a chip fix for the night, I'll have a warm remembrance of the weekend.


heather said...

You really made me miss the metroparks. What a wonderful resource! No where else I've lived has had anything like them.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

OOh, now that is a great shot of you and dad. I want one printed off for our house too!

Lin Floyd said...

what a fun family time. That little Robert is growing youngest son Jeff and wife are having another child next June! so fun with grandkids...

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