Friday, November 18, 2011

dressing up

Not necessarily really dressing dressed up. But certainly outta jeans. I have never like jeans but when I ran my daycare, I seemed to work better in jeans. And I hated it. A few weeks ago, oh, I know....when I was switching my closets from summer to winter...I noticed I had way too many jeans-type jeans. Not all denim. And only one of the denim ones I like.

And I thought...time to stop this craze and get back to what I feel good in. Wednesday, Pam and I went into Great Northern....for a craft shopping spree and Chicken Terriyaki since Sakkios left Midway Mall. But as luck would have it, Pam wanted to get a new pair of sneakers so while she went there, I found a lovely pair of dress slacks. $54 originally, marked down to #23.98 but the young clerk applied the coupon at the register and I ended up paying $13.98. Truthfully, I should have raced back to get another but I realized they only had black.

But yesterday, Robert and I went to Ruby Tuesday's for a quick lunch (why is another story). As we sat waiting for our check, this man walked in with his mom, on a walker. He took good/tender care of her. But what really caught my attention was this older woman. She walked in and immediately I noticed her hair was all done nicely. And she not only had on dangly earrings, she wore a matching necklace. I watched her son help remove the coat which was lovely (vintage..but perfectly clean...and my guess is, she buys good quality and you know good quality lasts). When she took off her coat she was wearing this lovely sequinny top. Not exactly sequins but lovely and festive.

I couldn't help myself, but as I walked out, I stopped and thanked her for reminding me of my mom and grandmother who both knew how to dress nicely, even for a lunch out. And how she and my memory put me to shame. She smiled, her son touched me arm and when I looked back at him he smiled and I got the idea he was happy someone noticed his mom. But what the mom said? Perfect....So it was a good memory! And she was was a good memory.

My grandmother always had her white hair done up in a French twist in the back and the top was a hair piece always done up in French curls...fat and lovely. And that's how she was buried. My mom was always just as perfectly groomed, minus the twist and curls. For years, when I was young, she visited the hairdressers every week. She and my grandma. And they both got their nails done. Oh wouldn't that be a treat today...a manicure every week.

So, my new goal is to try and be more like my mom, grandma, and this unknown woman.

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