Thursday, November 03, 2011


Yesterday I decided to go for broke and use the Blog2Print coupon and finish up the 2 remaining years (2008-2009) of cyber blogging and had those 2 years printed off into one book. I fully enjoy the non paper era we live in and I totally like the idea of my stuff being around forever as we are continually being warned...BUT just in case, I think I need to turn my meandering thoughts into hard copy, JUST IN CASE.

But in doing so I realized I haven't done such a good job lately at blogging those wandering thoughts. I don't blog for other people you know, altho I appreciate and love all the comments I get (whether left here or told to me in person). I blog just so I remember. Just now I was reading a poem Lin wrote about the mountains putting on their Halloween colors. Or maybe it was the trees on the mountains...whichever. But it made me visualize something in my head...Halloween colors (and the stuff I have just put away for another year...notating on the base of a couple, the kids who have asked for this piece or that). And then suddenly, a thought came to me....we have Halloween colors because of the fall scenery. Sure, if anyone reads this, they'll say...."stupid woman! what was she not thinking!" But I am not an outdoorsy person. I appreciate the view from my windows as I've said many times. I just accept it as it is, marveling at the seasons' changes and the Lord's involvement in my life, from my window. But this morning, TADA....I had that thought.

I used to write things like that in my journal but I don't keep one anymore. I stopped when I needed for find all the letters and symbols for Dawn's making of my mom's particular handwriting into a font. I'd search but then I'd read. And sometimes I didn't like what I read. There had been times before that moment when I did journal, that I wondered....what will anyone think when they read what I wrote. far I have not tossed out my journals. But I think about it often. And if I should decide to junk them, no horror comments from my faithful readers will deter me. I will, however, go through each one, reading and making a judgement call on which entries I will keep. And I will retype them and save them. There are a few entries that will need to be saved. But general speaking...not all.

So I will attempt to do a better job at blogging what I want to remember. I have 2 entries that need to be written down and pictured. But for now, this morning, this will do. Have a good one if you are reading this, come back. But if it's just you and me computer...Keep my stuff safe til the end of the year when this year's blogging becomes a hard copy.

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Lin Floyd said...

tell me more about how you printed your blog-I need to do that, been blogging for 4 years now since you got me started-thanks for the encouragement. Have missed your blogging. I have probably 35 years of journals and know I need to go back and read through them abridging them so my kids don't have to or end up throwing all that effort away one day. Blogging has ended up being my journaling for years now though sometimes I rant and rave in private just to get it out...I've missed your blogging.

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