Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Robert Joseph in Columbus

We don't ever seem to have many days to run away from home...always limited by the needs elsewhere. But this week, we raced down to Columbus to meet our newest grandson...Robert's namesake. Here he is with his silver dollar...a tradition I started with Cody.

He's all bundled up....swaddled I think would be a good Biblical word to use. His wee arms and legs are all safely secured in this wrap, this velcro'd piece of fabric. It's been fun to watch him and a couple of times hold him. He's just so tiny. Yesterday he weighed just one ounce over Dawn's birth weight and I marveled.

As you may or may not know, when Jordan was born, Robert only spoke French to him...And read to him in French....and wrote on the blackboard in his bedroom in French. Hillary had seen this photo of a young Jordan and asked Robert to repeat the scene a bit....for Miss Lily.
It's rather nice to see the generations repeat tradition. Jocelyn blogged about our Conference Cake tradition, Dawn always mentions what she does that is similar and how she varies it for her family. There's something to be said about tradition but perhaps that will be another post sometime.

I am constantly reminded how I was wrong to tell my kids to go out into the world and enjoy the joys elsewhere....because if I hadn't, they'd be all close to me and I could enjoy every moment with each of them. As my mom was able to do. But for good...they've all chosen wisely. It's easy to pop down to Columbus for a day or so. To attend the temple while there and pop in to see the NHB. It's easy to run up to Michigan for a fast special moment. And having M2T2 in Lakewood is also wonderful. Oh if only Lewisburg and Evansville were not so far away. But happy we are for the moments we are invited to Skype.

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