Friday, August 05, 2011


Everyone by now, knows I'm a huge fan of Marc's. It is why Pam bought a larger car a number of years ago. When we'd shop, I'd find so much fun stuff and would have to buy in multiples. So my side of her car was filled, and overflowing into her least that's how she and Ken tell the tale. And actually it's pretty accurate. Marc's will always be my place of choice.

BUT...a couple years back...when Steve and Jocelyn were at Penn State, they introduced me to Ollie's...which then had not arrived near me. Ollie's is similar. And some of their stuff is much better. The variety of 'junk' isn't there but there is always Marcs for the fun junk.

Yesterday, while shopping for a frig we won't buy, we stopped in at Ollie's in N. Olmsted and I found this book among their huge book supply. It is a hard cover edition and only costs $5. (sadly I missed the 2 popups books I don't have...saw them as I was leaving but I may go back fast and pick them up)

There are almost 700 pages of bread recipes with intimate details of where the recipes come from, hints as to how to make each one. Each recipe gives you the option of making it by hand, machine, or processor. Very helpful, indeed. I make the sacrament bread each week for Sunday service and now I look forward to a different variety than what I have been using (no, never anything with nuts...usually rather your standard white but who knows what might be next). There is even instructions for making your own brick oven (which Hank was going to make for me but now I wait to see what his turns out like in his own home's yard...and that is how it should be cuz he's the hearth baker). But the tips in the beginning are really informative.

The 2nd section...The Complete Book of Soups and Stews has almost 400 pages. Lots of fun recipes and instructions here, as well.

As this man has traveld around the world, he has collected recipes and recorded clear instructions but also personal anecdotes and historical backgrounds to the recipes. Pretty cool.

Can't wait to begin...guess my weight loss plan has once again been tossed out the window.

Here's one person's review, taken from

This is an awesome book and I am glad I made the purchase. The soup choices are so very ecclectic and there are an equal amount of choices when it comes to the breads. Bernared Clayton really did his homework, introducing a fine line of food to serve guests at elegant parties, informal dinners or dinner for yourself and/or a spouse (if you cut the recipes in half - you can always change the seasonings to your liking). . . this is a great book, with great choices for all to experiment with and enjoy. I've tried a few of the breads and dessert breads and they are great, namely the chelsea buns and the Johnnycake, the feather bread, angel biscuits and the shiacchiatta. Really great. And B. Clayton Jr. is very informative when it comes to the history of a particular bread and soup. His directions are superb. I never knew yeast baking could be so fun. Enjoy!

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