Thursday, August 11, 2011

Movie Wednesday

Last night I went to the movies alone. I get a little tired being alone every night and hate always asking people to do things. Our Underground Bookclub read The Help by Kathryn Stockett like so many others did. And the story moved me. Really moved me. The movie version came out yesterday and I determined to go see it. I had read the book alone, and figured why not see the movie alone. And am so glad I did.

I had a free movie ticket, altho expired...but our Regal doesn't care about the it was free which I thought was odd for a first night showing. Perhaps they didn't realize what a hit it was or perhaps it was only a hit with me and the other readers in bookclubs.

The theater was filled...FILLED I tell you...and I think there were only about 4 men, probably dragged there by their wives. and every one there was all achatter. I thought it was like the midnight showing of Harry Potter. And the chatter continued until the house lights went down and then there was silence, the air felt expectant and I knew, I hoped, we were in for something good.

And good it was. Excellent in fact. The casting was so good, right on for the characters, and the small part played by the wonderful Miss Cicely Tyson was huge with emotions and strength and love. Even if you did not read this novel, you could totally enjoy the movie since it stayed true to the story.

And the audience involvement was incredible. The women there giggled, laughed outright, applauded at the appropriate scenes, gasped at others, even cheered in places. Yes, the novel moved me but the movie moved me to tears. I left the theater totally satisfied. I called my friend, Jill, on the way home and talked until I got back into the house. It was good to share even tho she hasn't read the book but it's on her current list. And really, it was easy a movie to see alone...altho you could tell the bookclubs who had read this book (and which ones haven't) because they filed into the theater together, and sat together and enjoyed together. It was super...and something I haven't experienced often.

Actually, my Movie Wednesday began with the silliest movie I have seen in some time, live action, not animated. Teri suggested I watch All About Steve and altho there is a scene just after it gets started that could and should be fastforwarded, the movie had me gasping for air with tears running down my face. At one point I had to stop my crocheting, paused the movie and when I thought I was under control called Teri...only before she answered the phone the laughing that leads to gasping and tears started anew. Teri asked if I was crying. I could barely stop the spasms long enough to say thank you.'s not a movie that's going to win any awards nor will it move me...but it will cause me to chuckle to myself or maybe even out loud whenever I think about it. And think about it I will....Thanx Sandra Bullock for another lighthearted delight.

Good Movies to all my readers.

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