Thursday, July 07, 2011

summer has arrived

And with it, family.

This has been quite a few crazy weeks and it's been as wonderful as it's been tiring for this ol' gal. Cara and Jacob came through on their way to PA. Their two oldest kids, Cody and Ella, were on their way to enjoy Cousins Camp with their Kennedy Cousins..spent in NYC. But on their way, as you've already seen, they left Same and Peter here and we had lovely days together.

But Cara came back with Jacob and Kipp, so Jacob could fly home to work. Then when the Camp had ended Jocelyn loaded up her van with the 2 Kennedy kids and her 3 kids and brought them back here. It was crazy and fun and loud. Cara and Marissa drove out to Kirtland to meet up with Jocelyn and the kids and on their way back here, they stopped to visit my godparents. Hidden under Uncle Johnny's legs were $2 bills, a real novelty and each of the kids took home one, except for Autumn. Somehow, the bill disappeared and she ended up with 2 $1 bills. I gather, the older kids made certain she was only getting 2 $1 bills and not 2 $2 bills. My godparents were so happy to have the kids visit.

They arrived home, hungry as bears as well as tired of being cooped up in a car and long hours of driving. Suddenly, it was march to the beach and plunge into the waters. There's always been something mesmerizing for my kids with the lake. They grew up with the Lake Erie just a block away and now when they come back, they come back with the next generation which learns to love the things the lake offers.Autumn I go in or not?
Guy body surfs to the shore.
Cody and Ella, at Cousin Camp, were able to experience Wicked, on Broadway. So naturally when they got to my house, Ella and I placed a few songs on the piano.
Here's Jocelyn and Cara and Autumn, on Bonpapa's bench on the island.

Look how sweet...standing on our rock, Scarlett squeezes Sam goodbye.
Trips to the beach were frequent.

Cara and family eventually left and Jocelyn stayed a few more days and what fun we had. Her kids are busy and needed a lot of activities. But they were agreeable to just about everything. Living where they do, they don't have a garden center such as Pettiti's. By the time Jocelyn was finished shopping for her lovely and newly designed backyard, the kids sat among a forest real. I was hoping there would be leaves and berries still left on the branches and Jocelyn assured me it was. And altho I haven't seen it, I'll bet my bottom dollar that her newest backyard is spectacular.

Hank and Marissa bought their first home and since they have a week or so between the lease ended on their old rental and when they can take possession of their own home, Robert and I are blessed to have them stay with us.

Somewhere in between visits, I learned I not only have planter faciitis, I also have heel spurs and what appears to be a stress fracture. Standing is not easy, walking is even worse but I have another doctor who will work to put things right. And this is all on my good leg...go figure!

Soon loomed the 4th of July. Jordan, Hillary and Lily arrived more to serve than to party altho we did a lot of both. Jordan took Robert's chain saw in hand and got rid of some trees and bushes in our backyard. Then he took on the electrical light switches and outlets. Jordan and Hillary are really good at updating everything, including our switches which look so nice in white, modern and lighted switches. It was great having them here and having them help out the old folks but I assured them we won't expect them to always serve us when they come home with such demanding jobs. But it was nice to have Jordan go with me to visit the folks' graves.

Then there was the moment that the toilet wax ring was replaced and proved that we did not need the labor of a plumber, nor did the wall have to be ripped out. But the question is, how many men does it take to change that wax ring?

Dawn, Ken and family also arrived to help us celebrate the holidays. The biggest treat for the kids was having Jordan turn their pyromaniac tendencies loose with fireworks. The kids loved being able to light the fuses altho I believe a lot of finger tips felt the flame as well as the fuses.
Lots of 'smores.two cutie man-children...Connor and Henry.

We had are standard 4th of July parade up and down Warwick, flag posting, and naturally....popsicles to finish off the parade.

BUT there was no end of food, good food. Good fun.Ken and Dawn
Lovely, long-legged Adelle.....

And again..more time at the lake.
Here, Miss Lily rides in style from the parking lot, down the pathway and to the lake.The wee ones had their own 'boats' to use to float to Canada. Despite being cold, they did not want to leave the lake.

Jordan and family left but Dawn's brood stayed a few more days and it was so much fun. But even they had to return to Michigan. It's much quieter here (except for the washer and dryer that has gone nonstop for a couple days) and I'm left with warmth of love of family, happier home with modern looks, and the promise of all the kids that they will be back.

Besides, the Lake awaits them...ever waiting, always welcoming the Hatch Batch.


Dawn Mercedes said...

oh what fun!!!

JP said...

Wow, what a whirlwind! Tons of fun! Everyone looks so happy!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

That WAS a busy stretch!

Lin Floyd said...

looks and sounds like a wonderful family reunion...a treat in our busy world today.

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