Friday, July 29, 2011


Do you know how I hate meetings? I hate meetings. I wonder at all the chitchat to end up with no conclusion or decision...especially and in particular meetings run by men. And last night I was covering for President Marina, and I had to BE her for the night. Robert had to be there at 6:30 for a meeting that was NEVER held because the person in charge just didn't come. How weird was that? And what made it even more exasperating was when Robert asked Roger about the meeting, Roger said that that particular man never gets there in a timely fashion. Oh well....So finally the meeting started.

The instruction topic we would get to eventually was on HT...and how to get the men to do it, to catch the vision, not for numbers but for changes in lives.

First off I had to sit still as long as I could (which if you know me, was actually rather very long). I tried to comment as Marina would have (ie Nicely, Sweetly). It was very difficult when the Service Day topic went to doing a service EAST OF KIRTLAND. Good grief! Is Kirtland the only Zion in the world...I am sick to death of hearing about that city. Karl likes to suggest that WE are all apart of Kirtland but that just seems to be in his own mind. And for our peeps in far Western Sandusky, to travel to east of Kirtland...insanity! Plus it just would not happen. I named off a couple places in our own stake that could use the service just as easily. I just do not understand why we need a committee to decide things...really? a committee? again?

Then we really got to the heart of the instructions...HT. Major conversation was had, frustrated and confused by Rob, difference between VT and HT. Why we do it. Why we do it wrong. How to do it without numbers but in the same breath NEEDING numbers. I said a few things but then just decided to give up.

Finally, FINALLY, sweet wonderful David Kitchen (who by the end, I wanted to belt a good one for making the moment just too rich, too tender for my grumpy meeting-going know how you love to just be grumpy some days?). David had had this incredible experience a number of years ago.

He admitted he wasn't a very good HT. One month, the man in charge of collecting the accounting asked him for his number. This was our 'dad', Roger Osborne. David said he admitted to only seeing 2 of his 6. Roger wrote it down, thanked him,and then put his hand on David's arm and said gently to him, "you can do better" (in that moment I could HEAR Bonpapa's voice, his tone, the inflection, the very words, even the look on his face). David said that he knew he should have, that he could have. And he determined that the next month he would give a 100% accounting. The next month rolled around, and David was ready and thrilled to be able to report 100% done...ONLY ROGER HAD DIED. He said that in the initial interview Roger's words were not hurtful but they were honest. And it moved David to step up.

Then he finishes by saying, "One day I hope to be able to give an accounting to Br. Osborne...because I am 100% each month. I couldn't give him my report that first month, but I know that I will account to him".

The tears rolled and sitting next to Robert, I could feel his shaking body, watched as he dragged out a hanky and wipe his face. I kept my head bowed thru the prayer and then the ladies were dismissed while the men had a few more items to discuss privately.

Robert commented that if he were to tell stories about Roger and his HT events, it would take all day. And he's right.

Roger loved and lived for meetings. Each meeting was filled with awe and wonder. His example should have been my example but sadly, it isn't. But smackin' David might have made me feel good because I hated being reminded of how I lack, especially when compared to Roger.

But if I didn't smack David, I probably would have thrown my arms around him and kissed him. And that, I am certain, would not have been construed correctly. Oh well.....

Next meeting, anyone?


Lin Floyd said...

you are one of a kind susi Q...enduring to the end. good for you. maybe you get extra blessings for all the meetings you have endured?

Jocelyn Christensen said...

What a cool story!

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