Friday, June 24, 2011


I subscribe to this one stamper's YouTube videos and today she showed up a bunch of new things she had gotten. But what caught my attention was a sentiment on one: One's destination is never a place but a new way of looking at things.

Earlier I had gotten a tearful call from Jocelyn who just was informed that the baby blanket she had lovingly knitted for Guy before he was born (he's her first), the blanket that he got attached to and took everywhere, the blanket that shielded him from even his first thunderstorm in a car trip, was 'misplaced'. They had gone to a neighbor's to visit and apparently, left it there. Now she's learned that the punk 7th grader in that neighbor's home, in spite, tossed it into the garbage and it's not gone. Period. Over. Never to be had again. It was the blanket that she never would have tossed out, even when and if he did outgrow it. (and Marissa repeated reminds me that I threw out her tied quilt when she was at school. I don't remember that but she's probably right...but I always have provided her with yarn to twist around her fingers as she did with the ties from that quilt)

Me? I'd wanna castigate the punk. And I have lots of ideas on castration that doesn't actually involve the physical. And I cried for her. Yes, she will go buy new yarn today and will start immediately. And Guy will now see how much effort and time it takes to create. And he will love the blanket just as much. The issue is how to get Jocelyn to love the new blanket as much. That's the real destination. I suggested she get a few pix enlarged that show Guy with his baby blanket and then he will have happy memories, and so might she.

I think about how unkind people are. Sunday someone upset my other daughter, Cara...while in church. Saying some rather flippant, unkind, thoughtless things...and one included the comment about her dad, Bishop Hatch. She was really upset but didn't say anything to me til she was about ready to leave. I got all vomity inside. Luckily there was another friend near Cara during this exchange and I could call her and get different look, a perspective that didn't change the words, nor the hurt, but could calm me down somewhat.

Somewhat. That's always a word I need. I seem to make a stance and there I stay. I can alter the perspective SOMEWHAT and it then bodes better for me.

Years and years ago, Jordan had Care...a Sunshine Carebear ( think it was Sunshine). This one time when I washed it, I somehow didn't double check the setting. And he came out matted and totally flat. Unlike Dawn, I did not rip open a seam and restuff the poor thing but I would do it now if I had it.) It just stayed flat and matty and Jordan got to love it awhile longer. Not like poor Guy who will be getting a new blanket to love, never the old. Even when Jordan graduated from high school and we had the open house, Care was also on that display table. I wish Guy all the best with his new blanket. I really do think that at the mature 5 that he is, he will see the new blanket in a whole new wonderment. He will watch the development, he will see the progression from the first loop, to the casting ons to the casting offs. He will know every stitch in a way that Jocelyn does and he will proclaim it good.

I was telling Jocelyn about something Robert and I read (altho I can't bring to mind where) as we studied the creation. The Lord made this and that and proclaimed it good. Such short verses. But what it really was ....? The Lord created this and waited patiently and watched patiently until it obeyed His every command/will. And THEN he said, It is good. Then He moved onto the next thing. Create and wait patiently. Watch patiently, ever guiding.

So it is with us. We must suffer and have joy and learn and when we have learned to be obedient and kind and live a peaceable life, we will be good. And it truly is all about perspective.


Dawn Mercedes said...

Sorry to hear of Guy's loss. Evan had a dearly loved blankie, that I took away and gave him a new one b/c I didn't want him attached to the old blanket that had been used by both his siblings. And he simply became attached to this new blanket. Some kids have the personality to become attached to things.

So glad you can make him another. Maybe this time he might want to pick out a new color!

Lin Floyd said...

This class I've been taking/teaching has some helpful principles to think on-one is not taking it personally or making assumptions. The person who did the dastardly deed is probably hurting inside-forgiving that person can release the victim and allow them to go forward. Life is full of hurts...

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Just a small correction...I knitted that blanket when guy was a few months old (about 3-4 months), and many times Guy laid across my lap while I knitted and he would entangle his baby fingers in the yarn as I knitted. I finished when he was 4 months old...and the first thing he did after I gave it to him was...spit up on it! But he has indeed LOVED it...and I went to walmart today and found what I believe is the exact same yarn. Is there such a thing as resurrection for blankies??? Thanks for your words and for understanding, and for being there for me today, Mom. I love you!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Just to clarify, we don't have bad feelings for our neighbor...stuff goes on.

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