Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June 15...with 2 grandsons

This week I am very lucky. Cara and Jacob let Samuel and Peter stay with us as they continued on their journey east...mainly because Cody and Ella are at Cousin Camp with all the Kennedy cousins 12 and over...they will be spending a LONG weekend in NYC which will also include seeing Wicked.

But this is the first time any of the Kennedy's have been left here at our home, without their parents. The fun and games began when Cara, Ella, and Kipp arrived here about 2am Monday. They had dropped Jacob, Cody, Sam and Peter at the motel at Cedar Point Amusement Park where they were allowed to enter the park 1 hour before the park opened to the general public on Monday.

Marissa brought Henry here for the day. Cara drove back to Sandusky to pick up the boys and then they came back here for dinner with Marissa and Henry before taking off with Cody,Ella and Kipp for PA. When the cousin camp begins, Cara, Jacob and Kipp will be working and playing at Jocelyn's. I hear they shoveled piles of mulch to the newly designed backyard.

Here at the ranch, we have tried to find things for the boys to do. I took them to the cemetery for Father's Day. We stopped by Bonpapa as well as Franz Adeboi.
From there we went on to Artist for a Day. We had a good time painting greenware which will later be fired. Sam painted a jet:
Peter painted a hippo:
I painted a square plate...rather, I copied a design I saw in the window. But that's me...not very creative but a great copier.

The saddest moment happened there and it was reminiscent of what Jocelyn wrote in her blog just a day or so before. There was a family adjacent to us, all painting. One little wee one was so delight to find Ariel, the Mermaid and was having a great time til her father (and I use that word very loosely right now) decided she hadn't painted it correctly and then proceeded to repaint it. And the baby girl, maybe 4, SOBBED. It was heartbreaking. She wanted something blue and the dad was repainting it some other color. Truly, it was all I could to stay in my seat. What a horrible dad! And a more pathetic mom who didn't tell the father to butt-out! My boys would take peeks at the little girl to see what was happening (because yes, the volume was very loud and disturbing) so I turned in close to them and told then what had happened and we discussed how wrong it was for this dad to take away the little daughter's own creativity and imagination. I tell you, I was really burned about this. They finally left and we completed our own project. Sure, one day my boys will look at their works of art and wonder why we bothered but I am hoping that when they see in the present, that they will remember an afternoon spent with me.

From there we ate at Olive Garden
I had decided to make a couple copies of my NaNoWriMo 'novel' into hard copy ( Thanx Lin for that encouragement) and they were very good at waiting for me at OfficeMax.

Today, however, they were not too interested in going back to OfficeMax. So they went to Deals with Robert while I printed off some stuff I need for Sunday. Then we decided to include Robert in a lunch at 5 Guys. Sadly, I forgot to take my camera or phone so you just get to hear about it. Sam had informed me that he doesn't like burgers from burger places, preferring homemade. But I assured him these would be very close to homemade, PLUS they have amazing fries. And we had a fun lunch before Robert took off for work. Not sure what I will make for dinner but I really do need to go to Michaels because I have shower invites to make and to the theater to buy Harry Potter tickets for midnight in July. For Pam, Jill, Mary Beth and myself.

You'll notice the HP flyers are out so I made these cards to keep in my purse to remind me of the fun that will end July 15. It's been a great 11 years. Last night,Cara finally relented and allowed the 2 boys to watch the very first HP. I wasn't even going to suggest it but the boys asked her. Previous to the call to her, they kept saying that their dad left me in charge so they could do what I said. I reminded them I would never violate their parents' rule. But we had a great time. Sadly, they had read all the books and noticed that not all the book events were included in the I repeatedly told them that this is often the case with a movie made from a very large book. And books are always better.

They chuckled when I would speak the lines and asked, how do you know these lines, granny? I had to admit that not only have I watched this movie many, many times but that I have also read the books often, and listened to them on disk a couple of times.

I feel sad for people who won't even give HP a chance. They don't have to like it but they need to really know what it's about before condemning the books and the people who read them. In the end, it's always about goodness overcoming evil. and I have often found the same reasoning in Stephen King's plotlines. And that is what life is all about...goodness overcoming the evil.

So, I have 2 piano lessons to give and then will need to get on with my duties. Hope the boys will go to Michaels with me and the cinema to get tickets. The Kennedy's gave Robert one of those games with the 'ladder' and you toss over the balls. We've enjoying playing that. But I don't have anything for Robert yet,myself.

I have a lesson to subteach in RS and late last night the bishop called and asked me to talk on Sunday, as well....and I honored the Father of the Ward by saying yes, even with short notice. Now i really do need to get a move on.


heather said...

oooooh! This post was all about things I love-- grandma's loving grandkids, cedar point, 5 Guys, Harry Potter (books and movies), Jill and MBL, ladder ball, and, of course, the Hatches. Don't you love summer?! So glad you're having fun with your grands and teaching them important lessons in the process.

Lin Floyd said...

glad you are sharing your writing with your grandsons, now you can encourage them to write too. I never was interested in HP books after raising a son who still wants to be a vampire and know who I am talking!

JP said...

Oh Susan, you do such fun things. And I can't wait for HP either! I know it'll be over then, but I guess all good things come to an end. We should do a marathon HP night. (And shame on that dad.)

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Quite a busy and fun week for all of us!! :) Glad you printed your book out!! I need a hard copy!

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