Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Yesterday was our 469th wedding anniversary. For an odd Monday, we treated ourselves to dinner at Rino's Italian in Lorain. At home, I had answered a phone call and when I turned around there was this large box sitting in the kitchen, under the one counter area. I had been concentrating on the conversation and just tried to multitax the conversation with the thought of what had we ordered? I walked over to the box and finally read what it said. It was one of those shiny, foot pedal garbage cans that I had said I would one day buy.

I don't like the garbage under the sink. 1...because I have to bend down to put junk in it. 2...because it's small and doesn't hold much which leads to 3...and then the excess ends up beside and behind it and I have to literally get down on my knees to clean the floor under the sink. Getting back up is harder than getting down.

But it's hard for me to buy another garbage can when I already have a working, or sorta working one. But Robert wanted to surprise me with what I had asked for. And surprise it was. Thanx sweet Robert....for making both of our lives shinier. I love you.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

That is romantic! :) Seriously!

Lin Floyd said...

okay we need a photo of the new garbage can. My son Brook has a saying that you can always tell Mormon households because they have the garbage under the sink...lol! I have a younger husband who cleans up that area...

cherrystones said...

Good man!

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