Monday, June 06, 2011

been awhile

Last night I was chastened for not blogging ... and Jan was correct. I need to mainly because I turn these blog entries into hardcopy each year. So here goes.

We spent a great week away from home, at various places. After seeing the new Pirates movie with Pam and Ken on Saturday, May 21, we packed up the car and the dog and headed for Michigan. Monday was the Eat Lunch with your Grandparents Day at the Barrett's school . Usually I am the only one who gets to do this but this year, as it happened, Robert had a vacation week that was actually going to be given to him. And I needed to get him out of town. We all went to a Hibachi Japanese Grill and the kids were very good eating stuff that perhaps they would not normally have wanted. It was easy for Connor to order his fav white rice, and then try my fried rice and then would announce that NEXT time they came here, he was going to order fried.

Later that night as well as Sunday morn/night was spent learning how to use the Sure Cuts A Lot program that Dawn and family gave me for Mother's Day. What a really cool program. Otherwise, it was 3 wonderful meetings in church with them altho their organist plays all the hymns rather slowly and will not follow Dawn's directing. I laughed to myself because we sing our hymns joyfully and fast down here.

It was great fun having lunch with the kids, rushed to be sure with only 20 minutes or less to actually eat...and we had to space out our eating so we could eat something with 3 different grands at 3 different lunch periods...then quickly we came on home.

Tuesday we dropped Niko off at his spa and headed for Amish Country...a couple different cities than we normally visit...BUT SADLY I FORGOT MY CAMERA AT HOME. Had a great lunch, learned how the Amish make their incredible breads so soft and tender (and yes, I made a loaf for our church service and it was heavenly....want the recipe? I'll post it on our family recipe blog). We had so much fun checking out stores and stands and foods.

We drove on down to Columbus where we gratefully were able to spend the night at NHB, playing with Lily, chatting with Hillary, eating a super dinner with them, seeing the pix Jordan took while he was up here presenting 3 scholarships to BHS seniors from the class of 2001, in lieu of a reunion gathering. Cool...nice to give back something to your school and not party all night.

Wednesday we spent long hours in the temple and it was restful. One stop on the way home at Meijer, of course, and then home to pick up the dog and race inside before another torrential rain fell.

Thursday Robert continued his painting and actually finished the hallway. Friday, the Trefethens treated Robert to dinner at L'Albatros Restaurant in Cleveland. Wow! What a feast! What a spread! What amazing bread that kept coming. We drove past the home that Marissa and Hank just purchased and are so excited for them. It's the perfect home, on a perfect corner.
Since it actually was our real yearly anniversary, we tossed that into the celebration as well as the new home.

Saturday was a restful day including lunch with Pam and Ken at the Olive Garden. We gave up giving each other birthday gifts and treat the birthday person to a dinner out. It is always fun to play with Pam and Ken. This included a trip to Marc's and for once they outbought me...I think I bought 1 thing. Usually, we are the big buyers. Truth be told, I realized I had not brought along my discover card, nor a check and had only $1 in my the corn was all I could afford. I just didn't tell Pam this.

Then began Memorial Day weekend. I love it that M2T2 live so close but will not expect them to come home for every holiday. I sent them an email to say this as well as to say if they ever want to come, they are to come ahead. They know how to get into the house. As it turned out Monday dawn very hot and humid and they were happy to come visit, eat, and take Henry to Lake Erie...and he LOVED it!
In the lake, Henry was like a little fish....kicking his legs and laughing.


Lin Floyd said...

that kid is ready for swim lessons-looks like you are enjoying life...

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Looks like fun!

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