Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Trifles n Whimsies

I think that title could be a theme for K and I...K is another friend from BYU and we connected yesterday...not that the connection was ever lost. I knew where she lived (back in the good ol' TriCities, Washington), have even stayed at her home when Robert's dad died. We exchange Christmas cards. But there's so much more to our story together than just those few lines.

K has developed her gift of jewelry making. She sent me a link advertising her big sale on Etsy, so click on that and check out her lovely pieces. I was really excited to get an email for her and now begins another trek to rediscover each other.

Trifles and Whimsies our past may have been but they are moments that are frozen in my well as in a few pictures.

Here is K outside our dorm (the wonderful Q Hall of Deseret Towers) at BYU, 1968. She's standing next to our dear friend, Glenn Langford's car. K had grown up in the TriCities and knew Robert for years.

In fact, when Robert left on his mission, she invited me to her home for spring break so I could meet Robert's mom, see the area he came from, etc., etc. It was a very great trip. Her parents were the greatest people, kind and warm.

It was K, actually, who stood in early morning hours to get us tickets to see Elvis Presley at the Salt Palace, 1971. She had been working in SLC and offered...and this is what K did so well...served.

She married Les Fort (altho somewhere along the line I thought he changed to using his middle name Al but he'll always be Les to me), also a TriCities man. If memory serves, they were married the day (or 2) before Robert and I were. I snatched this picture from K's own poetic blog. I am trying to remember K with that long of hair. Or was it fall? We all seemed to enjoy having long hair at one time. I had long blonde hair like this when I first went to BYU. But like most, as motherhood arrives, the hair gets shorter and we so often keep it that way since our times get shorter and shorter, and our days seem to follow the same course. So why bother losing valuable minutes fixing our 'do.

Les and K had an iris business. One day this box arrived from them, filled with iris bulbs. They have always been Robert's favorite flowers...flags, we call them. They propagated nicely at our home for years and years and then one day, some blight got 'em. We were very sad.

One Christmas she etched me a nativity scene on glass, which is still in use each Christmas.

Along with yesterday's email was an attachment. Here is the Fort Family today with another grandchild on the way.

K calls Les her own Sweet Prince...and I am sure he is. Now to find out what he calls her! But I think they are both royalty. And I call myself blessed to have known them when, and to reknow them now.

I had been trying to remember the name of the plant my mom always had in her garden in Parma when I was growing up. It ended up being (green) Bells of Ireland. My aunt and grandma were moving from the century-old farmhouse Aunt Carol had in Grafton to a brand new home in Strongsville. Carol had these wonderful lilies of the valley which have always been my favorite and actually they made up the whole of my wedding bouquet. (there used to be a perfume called Muguet des Bois by Coty that you could only buy in the spring..and yes I always bought. I actually still have a bottle, decades old, that I keep with my perfumes for old time sake...and just now I see Amazon still carries it...what to do, what to not buy?) So we transplated some to our home at 809 as well as some of her peonies and then transplanted some to my mom's house when she moved here. So still, the Grafton home lilies grow here at 3830.

But back to K....while checking out her bracelets, she had one with both lilies of the valley AND the Bells of Scotland...and yes, I did order myself one. Then I asked her if she would make me a pair of dangly earrings NOT PIERCED...and she said yes. I am very happy today!


Lin Floyd said...

how fun to connect with old friends from college days. I didn't realize you and I share one thing-non pierced!

Dawn Mercedes said... are really doing a great job reconnecting with others in your past! wow!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Yay for K!

Robin Sue said...

Thanks for your comment on my tea and toast post! Yes tea was always there for me from my mom. I love doing all things tea. Now I am gearing up for the big royal wedding. You?

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