Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

And it is a good Friday in many ways today....mainly because of a good friend, Michelle, and the perfect husband, Robert.

I grew up in a time when the Blue Laws were still effect. For you younger readers, Blue Laws restricted work and sales of merchandise on the Sabbath, in keeping with the Christian code. They begin in Virginia in the very early 1600s and the military was used to force such restriction as making people attend church, and made sure there was no work done (ever see the fun Disney movie, Johnny Tremaine?); this also ensured that the Christian merchants were protected from competition. Obviously, these laws have for the most part been abolished but it is a fun activity to read how intense they were. "Blue" comes not from the supposed paper they were written upon but rather it was a snobbish term used to connote a rigid moral code.

But we all know what Sundays are like today, and how very unsacred the Sabbath is treated.

I know that this year, this month in fact, we are noting the sesquecentennial of the Civil War. Having a degree in history, I am fully aware of what that war was all about and what it was not. Right now, I have this feeling that the place where Robert works is a little plantation, and its workers are merely slaves (and remember...I said before...I do know that the war was not fought just for the slave issue, nor was the slave/plantation/cotton issue solely a problem of the South so don't pick a fight with me!) I grow tired of repeatedly saying, "I am grateful Robert has a job." I am. But I am tired of using that as some safety net.

The mill hasn't a clue about days of the week, hours to be worked, nor respect for the men/women or the Sabbath/Easter. Now to my rant:

Initially Robert was told he would have a 3 day weekend...and that's nice altho I didn't believe it. He's been working basically 7 days/week, very long hour days...but I was still hopeful. Then came the information that he had to work today, Good Friday. That's OK...It's part of the week. Yesterday afternoon he called to say he had to work daylight shift on Easter Sunday. Not happy! But Marissa and Hank who had invited us to dinner agreed that it would all work. Then late last night he informed me that altho he is covering next week for some other manager, the daylight turn, Easter he had to work AFTERNOONS. Yay...he gets to attend church...but there goes our family time. This just wasn't right as far as I was concerned. And yes Marissa and Hank agreed to celebrate Secular Saturday with the Easter dinner as well which was very kind of them

I was spewing about this to my friend Michelle, who emailed me these lines: Well, I have to work also so I understand. Worse for you cause I'm unattached. Easter for me now is about how I feel about the Savior, my gratitude for what he did for need for ham or family gatherings for me...but it's different when you have a Husband and family.

She's correct. In all the ways she mentioned and more. I was humbled.

Late this morning Robert went to visit Ginny Herring who is in a therapy hospital and invited me along. I drove and was telling him what Michelle had said, and how I had commented to Marissa that he never complains, that he just does what he's asked to do while I just fume.

And his reply: I have chosen to not be a victim. I am grateful I have a job when so many thousands upon thousands do not.

ZAP! AGAIN! Yes, of course, he is correct. Again I was humbled.

So I thought I'd blog this so I have it to remind me next time...and maybe skip the humbling.

To those of you who read this...Happy Good Friday,
Celebrate Secular Saturday,

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Lin Floyd said...

good thoughts...gratitude is always more pleasing than grumbling...

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