Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Word World

Yesterday I spent some time with Henry. And for a short time we watched this Word World...a show I had not seen before. And it was delightful to see...I loved how the characters were made up of words. I loved Frog and suddenly I realized that his house spelled out LOG. Very cleverly done and perfect for kids and me, alike.

But then there was the moral of the story. And altho on the surface it told the correct moral, being an OLD MOM, and old school, I didn't think the correct message got across. But remember...this is just me.

Henry and I missed the very beginning but I guess Frog went to get something at the store and Duck is vacuuming (why, I don't know). But accidentally he knocks over the lamp and the L gets caught in the vacuum. And yes, that was an accident and of course Frog will not be mad at Duck, which is what Duck fears. He's told by other creatures that this is so. But instead he makes matters worse. He decided to get the telescope to find the L, he breaks the L off Lever and ends up actually destroying the LOG home. Bug nearly gets blown away. Finally Frog comes home and agrees, he's not mad at Duck. Frog knows it was just all an accident and if they put back the words, then all will be well.

But never did they address the fact that Duck, at least upstairs with the telescope, was doing things he should not have been doing in the first place. I think that was the bigger moral to the lesson. And I certainly have seen this in homes (and at church) with younger children today. There's such a deal about not hurting the child's feelings, not being upset, not getting real, that kids are all too often not instructed on what was an accident and what was the natural outcome of doing something they should not. There are choices and accountabilities. Things I might have scrimped and saved for, things that were precious to me, ought to have been respected cuz I respected them. Some things don't just get replaced, and things are not always just things, least not in my book. Value can be placed on things, just not as much as on kids, I grant you.

Recently our family parts had a discussion about how to keep the grands out of the parents' bedroom. The comment was made that my kids really weren't allowed in our bedroom unless they knocked and were invited. And I wonder still, what was wrong with that? Generally I knocked on their doors or called up/down to them that I was on my way (unless I was on a rant and a tear because the rooms which were supposed to be clean were a total disaster). And I still think that the parents need their room to be a special place just for them. And when the kids are allowed in, it's a treat, not a right. But then, that's me...the OLD MOM/OLD SCHOOL coming through.

So enjoy the show..cuz it's a great one for the graphics and for putting words together. I totally enjoyed that. I think I might have to try drawing some of those ideas when I'm doodling. But in your own family? Teach them the deeper lessons that last. There are choices and there are accountabilities.

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