Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Paddy's Day

Started the day off trying to write a limerick for Jocelyn's blog...and a poetess i'm not. But the more time I spent the funner it became. Then I decided to write one for all the family. Robert helped me on a few til he went off to work...we went out for Reubens at Athena's Restaurant in Avon Lake and wrote throughout the meal. Finally finished them all...and decided to blog them.

Robert's Irish family had a goat
It died and they only had one coat
They looked at their life
And saw only strife
So to America they came by boat

Susan's grandmother was very British
The Irish made her skittish
for men of Erin
she had no carin'
But the Brits she truly did cherish

With a heart full of song he’d sing

Ken gave troubles the wing

A note here and there

And always so clear

He often made the air ring.

Dawn was a crazed stampin’ girl

And her hair had a natural curl

Her fingers were stained

Tho to the paper she aimed

With ink and rubber she’ll give it a swhirl

Connor really loved monopoly

His granny would say holyo moly

He played night and day

Til he won his way

And stopped only to be a goalie

There once was a girl named Adelle

Who’s real name was harder to spell

So she changed it one night

To what she thought was all right

And lived happily after and well

Evan was stronger than the Samsons

But he loved to make silly word puns

He’d sneak to the table

And read when he was able

But preferred to watch the samsung

Jacob loves technology

To him it’s science and theology

He searches the ‘net

Until he’s set

Then makes his own actinology.

A diamond was lost in Evansville

It cost so much o’er a mille

A girl named Cara

Looked near and far-a

Until it was found in a rock hill.

Cody can play the base fiddle

And can conjure up any ol’ riddle

In bed he loves to read

And won’t allow dark to impede

With flashlight he’ll hunker down in the middle.

Ella is the only girl

With hair that won’t always uncurl

She loves to do art

And is terribly smart

And gives every task a whirl.

Sam has always been strong

In our family he’ll always belong

He’ll always succeed

In both word and in deed

And be a joy all our life long.

Peter has always loved ears

He’ll stroke all that appears

Long ones with hair

Short ones on mares

And he’s done it already for years

Kipp is the last on the scene

And he’s becoming a running machine

He runs when it’s sunny

He runs when it’s funny

Running So fast he’ll be lean.

There once was a dad named Steve
A leprechaun he did peeve.
"no gold for you
and now you're blue,
Cuz a hedge fund is all I leave."

There once was a Mom with a daughter named J
Who thought running around naked was A-OK
From the tub she would run
through the door with bare bun
Til the neighbor would show her home the right way.

There once was a Dad with a daughter named J
An honor student, A+ all the way
She attended Miami
Did it with a Whammee
And still is that girl today.

There once was a boy named Guy
Who thought he was very sly
on the green he did jump
til he fell in a lump
after a leprechaun he did fly

Scarlett was a girl who wore red
A wee man hid under her bed
She awoke with a start
Cried right from the heart
"St. Paddy Day's the best", she said

there once was a girl named Autumn
a leprechaun she thought she had got 'im
He gave her some gold
and then left the fold
But she had wished that she had caught him

Hank had an artistic side

With time he’d always bide

Waiting til dark

On a wall at the park

With spray cans he’d carefully guide

Marissa is crazy and fun

On paths she often did run

Til along came the baby

Then she was so ably

Capable of being a mum

Henry came from new York in a car

To Lakewood which was so far

Now a Buckeye he’ll be

For all the world to see

While Eating food out of a jar.

Jordan loves his two girls

But neither have nary a curl

He squeezes them tight

Hugs them with all his might

And gives them both a whirl

Hillary is a great mother

Without all the fuss and the bother

She shops at great sales

Over hills and in vales

Until she hands off to father

Lily can dance and she can sing

On daddy’s shoulders she flies without wings

Give her the thumb

When naptime has come

And she’ll blissfully sleep until spring.

So whether you wear the green or the orange, drink beer or Koolaid, Dance the polka or the jig, have a great St. Paddy's day. And try a few limericks yourself...


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Totally fun! Thanks for playing along!

Lin Floyd said...

you are a poet, and don't know it...congrats on a long string of great limericks!!!

Dawn Mercedes said...

Over the top amazing! You need to start a new tradition!

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