Friday, March 11, 2011

March 11

It's snowing like crazy today...another 6-10" or so the weatherman predicts. We had rain first last night and so there is probably going to be a thin layer of ice beneath all this snow. The snow is very wet and very heavy. Robert's out plowing the driveway right now. You can see the moisture on the windows in the picture here.

As I was watching him, Niko and I noticed the Christmas Cactus has a new bloom on it and another strange.

So I just have to it Christmas?

Cuz if it is, I am ready. But I will need to get to the post office fast. Have I lost a year? Did I forget a year? And do Christmas Cactus bloom again like this so soon after it was already abloom?

Heard about the tsunami and the earthquakes and wondered?

Will herald angels sing?
Will earth be white with drifted snow,
Or will the world know spring?
I wonder if one star will shine
Far brighter than the rest;
Will daylight stay the whole night through?
Will songbirds leave their nests?

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Jocelyn Christensen said...

Song birds HAVE left their nests...we found a Cardinal dead in the road just now and gave him a more proper burial...tossed him in a field so he wouldn't get smashed up to bits!

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