Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lost and Found

First an explanation and an accompanying apology. Cara told me this incredible tale last winter and as she spoke, I hurriedly took notes. I had planned to blog it but then I realized it was her story to tell and she had a blog...but she doesn't blog...not really. I sent her what I had typed as she talked. Then wait. And waited. Today, after I have been sorting through pictures, reacquainting myself with Gloria, reading how Sophia has reconnected with her dying dad in NC as well as with her ancestors through cemetery headstones, I decided...I'm going to blog this story that belongs to Cara because I do not want it to get lost. It may not be totally accurate but it'll be as close as I can make it. Sorry Cara...just couldn't wait...and didn't want to lose the story.

Jacob had given Cara had a good sollitaire diamond for her engagement ring. As with many solitaires, it kept twirling on her finger so she says she probably wore it only about 10 x after she married and then it lay in her jewelry box. One day she was vacuuming and she sucked up what she thought was a paperclip and tossed out the vacuum bag. The trash truck came and off went the garbage. Suddenly Cara realized her ring was missing and then wondered if the paperclip was really her engagement ring. A friend helped her take apart the vacuum in the hopes it had caught on an internal mechanism. But sadly, there was no ring to be found.

So for the past 7 years, she has not had her ring. One day int he fall of 20101, Cara's family went out to clean up the yard (these activities are known as Jacob’s "Father’s Fabulous Fun Friday"…because Jacob usually does his doctoring during evenings so on Fridays they do a family project and that is followed by rewards) , gathering the leaves and putting them in the street. Sam wanted to see cars run over the leaves. So they continued gathering up the leaves. After a bit Cara was visiting her elderly neighbor when she heard Jacob yelling for her. She didn't immediately call out to him but he kept up calling her. Finally she went to see what was up. Sam had found a 'diamond' ring IN A PILE OF ROCKS UNDER THE DECK. Naturally no one thought it was real ... it was caked in dirt/mud but Sam, insisting it was real, was promised half the value IF it turned out to be real.

Sam put the ring on his finger and it got stuck. It took some work but finally it came off and Cara put it on her finger and it magically fit like a kid glove.

So the family heads to the reward end of the activity (out to dinner) and on the way Jacob stops at a jewelers. The jeweler goes through a huge story about the new machine they have now and how his own kids have picked up stuff along life’s way and one of them came up with a $10k diamond at a ball park. He tells the family what to look for when they see the ring under this super magnificiation. Look for certain signs that tell if it's fake or if it's real. Finally the man puts this found “diamond” ring under the machine. It comes up on the screen and Jacob sees the sign they were told to look for. It was a diamond. Cara asked if it was a certain size, a certain quality...and it was! It was Cara’s diamond! The jeweler cleaned it all sparkly new and glittery. He returned to give it to her and when Cara turned around there was Jacob, down on his knee, and he says, “Cara Peace Hatch….will you do me the honor of marrying me?” On his knee…In the store…in a very public place. So sweet and tender….. (be it remembered here that when he proposed the first time he actually threw himself in some yucky river that runs alongside Eastern Michigan University...recreating a scene from The Unsinkable Molly Brown...where Johnny Brown claims he will never say NO to anything Molly desires).

There is a background story that makes this 'find' truly a reward. Cara had hired a landscaper to remodel their backyard. This jerk did a horrible job and they have had to hire another company to repair the damage…which won’t get repaired until March due to winter weather and scheduling ('s April tomorrow and I still haven't heard about the redo). All along there was such unhappy feelings toward this first landscapers. Jacob, being the incredible man he is, prayed through the feelings, agreed to pay off the first one and get him off their minds. And afterwards he knew he had lived the Christ-like life and felt good about life. Forgiving this man, putting their hearts right, and moving along.

And what was the reward for this? An angel had somehow kept Cara’s engagement ring safe and cosseted all these years. Just waiting there to be found and when they had done all that they need to do in this one instance…after the action of their faith…there comes the miracle.

But did Sam get ½ the value of the ring? No! He got candy…the ring had increased in value. But Sam being Sam, the man he is developing into, he was happy to make his mom happy and see his dad on his knee proposing. All’s good. How often does a kid get to see this?

Man! What a story. I turn my blogs into print ( because in a lot of instances blogging has become my journal. This way, perhaps one day, my grands or great grands will read the stories of my life and learn.


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Jocelyn Christensen said...

It's a great story...I have my own version of it that I wrote in my own journal! Private though!

Lin Floyd said...

great story and it's good you've blogged about it. Family history in the making. I'll have to check out sometime.

teamk said...

Wow! That is way better than I would write it. Thanks, Mom! Your the best!

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