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BYU 1967

I graduated high school in 1967. I guess perhaps at some point I had wanted to attend BYU but by the time I was a senior, I also had an older boyfriend and really didn't want to leave him to go so far away. And there were other colleges a whole lot closer that would have been fine for me. Then in the fall, I got into a car accident and I swear this is the truth...while unconscious my mom made the counselor at school push my application forward...she wasn't too fond of Fred as my future husband. And it worked...I went off to BYU. My first roommate was the strangest thing. She was certain she'd seen Fred walking toward her all over the campus...all this from the 8x10 photo I had of him. I'd come back from class and his pix would be face down and she'd be freaked out. Obviously, this bimbo and I were not going to get along so as is or was typical, within a week or so, the dorm got together all the miscontents and rearranged roommates. I got the best one going...Gloria Halverson.,

Gloria was from California, had had so many great experiences, was a wannabe ballerina, was friendly, was funny, was perfect for me. She had this glamorous senior picture and I envied the fact that her high school allowed this draped picture to be taken, whereas mine was just normal schoolwear. Gloria was shorter than me and 'built'...well, she said that was why she couldn't be a ballerina...she was top heavy. But she knew her steps and would make me learn them. I loved to dance but was never a ballerina.

Gloria had the softest voice but she could be moved to fine emotion. Happy. Sad. Angry. One night a bunch of us were going to Heaps a Pizza. Gloria came out all dressed up but also all made up. Now I am a makeup person but that night I was surprised at how much makeup Gloria had one. I asked her if she planned on going to the pizza joint with that much makeup on...she was so not happy with me. Her eyes got all watery, and she was so sad/mad. She went. And we survived...and I learned Gloria would wear, do, be what she wanted. And that was OK with me.

BYU did not allow the Greek Societies but they made up their own clubs. Gloria and I went through the process of joining Thea Alexis...a service organization...what else...and were 'tapped' into the club. I wonder if they ever did NOT accept anyone. But we were thrilled. I still love those homecoming mums. I can't even remember what we did but I do have a couple of pictures of something or the friendship circle. Today, at my advanced age and experience, I think that friendship circle that ended our meetings reminded me of the Girl Scout thing with crossed hands, where they sing taps and flip around. Know what I mean?

I think we had birthdays that were close together but am not sure about that
But I know we liked to party for whatever reason. I have pictures of celebrating getting into TA with all the girls from our floor. Now sure where this cake came from but it was large enough to feed the entire floor....and we probably did.

Here's a picture of Gloria between Larry Larson and Evan Stapley. The 4 of us went to see 'Wait Until Dark' with these 2 boys. The boys had already seen the movie.

They thought it would be fun to take us, and a split second before the screaming, behind-the-refrigerator-door-scene, they'd poke us. And yes, we both let out a scream...truly a split second before the rest of the theater did. Funny boys. Everyone loved Gloria. She was casual and fun and soft and sweet.
Gloria moved off campus the next year while I remained in QHall/Deseret Towers (which no longer exist I am told). But we still saw each other throughout the next few years. The above picture was taken in my apartment. This is Gloria with Glen Hornby. At one point I thought they were boyfriend/girlfriend. Not sure if they were or not. Glen was a dog...and a hot dog. He thought he was hotter than he was. And handsome he most certainly was not. But he drove really hot cars...guess that's how he got him his needed attention. I think he did not live up to the standards in may ways...but then he became a member of BYU security...the college student-manned security force. Then I even thought I heard he became a cop. Don't have a clue. But I do know I took him to a Preference Dance for fun.

Editor's edit from Gloria Herself:

I always loved Glen Hornby...we did date a little during that year. I would have been happy with a more permanent connection, I think. I did see him several times after I left BYU and he graduated...I flew down to So CA where he lived on the beach and WAS working as a cop. He eventually married a girl he dated at BYU. I understand he died several years ago of a heart attack.

I next heard from Gloria around about the time she got married. She sent me pictures from the day and telling me she was only wearing natural fibers, didn't shave her legs, etc. Very natural girl and that didn't surprise me. She had this very California looking (at least to me) home, kinda stucco finish with these rounded top doorways. I was envious. She included some poem she had written about me years before...and that paper has to be around here somewhere.

Gloria was one of those people that I just never forgot. I always wondered what she was doing. How her life had progressed. I had tried Facebook searches for her in the past and came up empty handed. But 2 weeks ago, I tried again and altho there was no details on the search, there was this picture:

Platinum hair? Could this really be my dark-haired Gloria? I kept looking and suddenly saw those eyes...and was really certain I had found my old friend. I sent her a message and her reply? "Susy Center?" Yep, I had found my Gloria. And so we have begun great conversations through email. She is still in California. Dances every chance she gets which comes as no surprise to me. Takes on new names for each big trip...her favorite name being Margharita (and she tells me she is sure to put the GH in the middle so she retains her own who would have thought to do that?). She has worked at a radio station in SF, been an airline stewardess, and for most of the life, she's worked with Children and Family Services. And do you know? I think that makes a lot of sense to me. She has always loved children and what I remember most is how she cared about family and her own siblings.

I don't know if we will ever actually meet up. That would be fun. She's single so I might have to run away...leaving Robert at home. So 2 girls, former dormmates can have some more, but older, fun. For now I am just enjoying our emails. I await what else she has to tell me. I loved her then...I love her now. Isn't that what true friendship is all about?


Jocelyn Christensen said...

You told her she was wearing too much make-up??? Looks like you guys remained good friends despite anything! :)

Lin Floyd said...

how fun to connect with old roommates. I tried to find one-BYU has an alumni directory which is surprisingly up to date online. Found one but she avoided me like a plague-finally did connect after an extreme effort with emails, phone calls and snail mail. She had left the church...

Gloria Margharita said...

Still a make-up junky. Bare Essentials these days. Truly a gift to have Susi back in my life.

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