Thursday, February 10, 2011

to my kids

But more especially for my various grands.

I spent many a cold and/or hot, dry and/or wet weekend night sitting in the stadium of totally boring football games (which we usually lost) being rewarded for a short time each night by being able to watch our marching band. Each of my kids played in the band...Dawn as clarinet and then as melaphone which was louder. Cara as flute and then as trombone and even surprised me with a solo one night. Jocelyn as cornet and had so much joy. Marissa as flute and then cornet because it was louder and more fun. Jordan as drums, ending with the quads which were amazing. Many times I would sit in those stands in tears as their music, joy, antics moved me to emotions which I knew would not be felt again, in the same way as they finished their high school careers. At the end of each season the school would put on one more show, usually the night after the final football game. The band formed a tunnel and each senior would have his name read off and he/she'd go running thru that tunnel of bandmates.

And at Jordan's last band show, I sat and heard these words: And finally, the last of the Hatch Batch...Jordan Hatch. And then I knew that kind of joy was over for me personally and I really dripped tears. Now I hear how expensive it is for my grands ($1500 for marching band in Lake Orion, MI) to even be able to perform in a marching band in their school and I sit here now, typing...and weep. This is when it would be wonderful to have a million bucks on hand, to give out, to allow my kids the pride and tears I experienced during football games....experiencing it with their kids.

Our high school's choir, by and large, was pathetic. But other schools' weren' perhaps, if my grands cannot perform in a marching band, they could try for choir. My friend Peggy sent me this following which is what got my on this topic this morning. Please, for fun, watch to the end or you will really miss the band's the head chomping moment (or whatever it was called).

Thanks to my 5 kids for many memories and joys.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Pa-ers would march in their gym clothes before they'd put up with high fees for band! And cara played the trombone not trumpet...but you knew that! Thanks for the love and support!

teamk said...

Nice Head choppers! Trombone head choppers are impressive!

Lin Floyd said...

how fun-love the dancing and pretend instruments. I made my first 3 sons take piano lessons for a year then brook dabbled with the cello but no one followed up until Frank's mission then he and Jeff both said they wished they could play the piano on their!

Dawn Mercedes said...

Our band is an awared winning, traveling band...which is why it is so high. Even though other things are cut in our district, music has stayed pretty strong. I just wish the marching band was more like a big 10 school. It's more of a concert band on the field. But music is music. Which is divine.

JP said...

Great video. What's the name of this group? I think I've seen this before.

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