Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February's Recap

Here I am coming to the end of my month and realized that for whatever reason, I haven't blogged much. So here's a fast review.

Got sick at the beginning of the month, actually it struck on the way to Playhouse Square to see the Broadway series offering of South Pacific. Still battling it today but am on meds and hope it goes away soon...totally away.

My birthday (#62) was rather uneventful...and if I really cared, I could say it was pathetic. But I was too ill to really care this year. Jocelyn was very sweet and dragged her 3 kids through harsh winter weather to come help me celebrate. Marissa, Hank, and Henry have moved back to Lakewood so they were here as well. My kids were great in calling and/or sending gifts...and I love gifts! I actually opted to celebrate my birthday a day late, since the 8th was busy, I was ill, the Christensens didn't get here til late and Hank was flying in to Cleveland and could be here for my birthday meal.

Marissa called and said she was going to make my birthday cake. She was? She could? She said she had bought the lemons and could follow the instructions. It's not that I didn't believe her but I have made my own birthday cake forever...I actually really like my birthday cake, altho not all my kids did. It's lemon chiffon. And I didn't really doubt Marissa but I am enough of a birthday cake control freak that I suggested she come here to make it so I could oversee the proceedings. She was kind enough to oblige....plus I had the cake flour already on hand. And the cake turned out PERFECTLY. Light and airy, nicely lemony. For dinner (on the 9th) I made the standard, and much loved, English Beef Pie. It was so nice to have family around...minus Robert who had to work.
Fun things. But take a look at the picture below. Cara and family sent me this (along with the 1001 classic commercials DVDs). It is perfect for me and when Robert leaves for work today, I am going to do just that...iron. I love to iron! Currently it hangs in my kitchen altho Cara thought it was only going to go into the laundry room. It's too much 'me' to be shoved into the laundry. Besides,who knows...maybe I'll start up another business. hahahaha.

We have had a crazy February for weather. It's been bitterly cold, with plenty of snow. But it's so very pretty and white...mainly cuz I don't have to go outside (and wouldn't with bronchitis, anyway). Ken Barlow made us this wonderful squirrel feeder and Pam gave us some corn to start off. This things twirls and the squirrels have fun getting on it and eating when they can steady the cob. This action of course drives Niko nuts. He watches from the upstairs window and when the squirrel arrives he goes crazy til we let him out. Then he charges through the snow, the squirrels jump away and scurries up the tree and sits there, looking down at the dog. Dog returns inside and the squirrel returns to eat. And the scenario repeats itself. It's really a lot of fun to watch...and to aggitate the dog. Right out of UP...Squirrel? zap! Up goes the ears, nose points to the door, alert and quivering.

Then the snows began to melt, and February's thaw arrived. Overnight the lovely white snow from on top melted and we were left with the blacken snow underneath. One night later and all the snow was gone. It was balmy and nice. And then Sunday, while we were on our way to a meeting held in the Historic Kirtland Temple we got hit with another icy storm...icy snow and icy rain. Several of us women wondered why anyone would plan for a meeting in the snowbelt in February. Linda S said...only a man. And she has to be correct. She nor I would bother with a meeting in the snowbelt...temple or not. Interesting thing about this temple, historic as it is...the people back in that day had to have the smallest behinds ever. The 'pews' are barely 6" wide...ok, maybe 9" but not more. I had to brace my feet against the wall in front of our pew in order to stay upright. Most uncomfortable for over 1 hour sitting. Was happy to get the meeting over and then had to back my way down the steps that lead out of our pew. phew!

This morning, Robert was enthralled with the icy shimmer that greeted him from the bushes and went out to snap this pix:
Today the sun is wonderful...very clear and pretty. I never understand people who say there's no sun in Ohio (including Robert who just blogger about it himself). Of course there's sun in Ohio...otherwise we'd have totally dark days, like our nights. Where do they think the sun goes? It stays asleep? Get real! So it's grey! big deal...at least it's not black as night.

And I prefer to to have the variations. I don't mind grey at all. Yes, I like the sun. Yes, I like the crisp clear days. But there's something to be said for being able to be melancholy when it's grey. It all fits into my scheme of things. So that's been my February so far...and it's nearly over. We had the basement waterproofed, things are half way back to normal and I was able to get my dining room almost empty.

So to end this...here's the link of a fun little video of our squirrel friend....in case you missed that post. Happy February. Love the snow...it's great for the gardens in the summer. I really believe the seeds grow better when the ground is able to lie dormant under a thick blanket of snow and ice in the winter.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Nice pic of the icy bush!

Lin Floyd said...

happy belated birthday, sorry you are sick-good that you had so much family around to help you celebrate your special occasion.

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