Friday, February 25, 2011

February 24th

Yesterday is going to go down as the perfect day. I was so happy 2 times throughout the day and it carried me through to this morning. Check back in a day or so to see how I reconnected with my first BYU roommate, Gloria. There will be pictures to scan so I can post but it's fun.

Then there's today's post. My Aunt Bernice, my birth father's remaining full sister, is now in a care facility just a few blocks from my godparents' home. Some cousins got together, mostly Jan I am sure, to close up and clean out Bea's apartment in the Euclid Beach Towers (a landmark for Clevelanders). Jan called to say she had found pictures she knew I would love to have as well as to pass on down to my own children. They arrived yesterday, brought in the house by one of my sweet piano students, Maddie, who shared the moment of looking at the knickknacks Jan sent as well as the photos. Among the pictures shares were come trinkets. One is little replica of Mannequin Pis (which pathetically I thought was mannequin peace...not a naked little boy pee-ing) that my father had brought home to Bea from Brussells, ammunition, and some glass. All so nice. The pictures were amazing. There were 2 cards my father brought home from Sheffield, England.

Sheffield/Sheffield Lake, OH had a student exchange program with Sheffield, England and the youngest 3 Hatches lived there for some weeks and we hosted...I don't know...but a bunch of these students as well. I was so excited and had hoped to find Lisa online to share the picture with and wouldn't you know it, she popped on today and contacted me. She knew both places well.

There were vintage pictures of people I have no names for so the next time I get into Euclid, OH, I will hope Bea does. I would have raced out there today but sadly, we are in the middle of a near-blizzard storm with at least 1" of snow falling each hour. It was already a mess when I got up at 3am but now it's slowing down. And I just couldn't risk the drive that far in this weather but I certainly intend to get there very soon.

But this picture just had to be posted.

This is me on my mom's lap...January 1950. I still have that garnet necklace and those earrings. I wore them for my mom's funeral. My friend said they weren't "me" but understood why I wore them. I think I oughta get a dress that would make them "me" least the necklace...but first I had better take them to get cleaned. My mom loved this set and gave them to me before she died, which I really loved because she wasn't much into giving things away before she died.

So I thought I would also upload this picture of my mom and me, taken September 2002, I seem to remember...taken right after my mom's first surgery which told her she had cancer.
My sister, Debi, was here and we had some pix with all 4 of us, 3 of us, and I thought I'd like one just of mom and me. And I'm glad i did. This last picture has always been in a frame on our bookshelves but now it's paired with the 1950 one.

I love my mom. I miss her...but oddly, seeing the 2 of us, side by side, seeing the look on her face particularly as I was a baby, made me know I was loved and cherished by her, particularly as she was already a widow in that picture. She was a classy lady in so many ways. Wednesday night at bookclub, Cindy mentioned how as we age, and she looks at old people, she thinks..." Not not her...when I age, I want to look and be just like Gladys." What a super compliment that was.

Now to find my address book with Jan's phone number. I've spazzed out trying to find it. I need to call Jan to tell her how she made my day. Because she really, truly did.


Dawn Mercedes said...

ooh...what a fabulous pix!

marissa said...

you as a baby...looks a lot like dawn as a baby!

Lin Floyd said...

what sweet photos-you do look just like your mom, another classy lady!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

What a great photo. I'm going to have to print that off and add it to my wall!

Sophia said...

Susan, I love the photo of you as a baby, but the one of you and your mother as adults is priceless too. She did age well! Other than the white hair, she'd not changed much at all! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing, this made MY day! Love you BIG!


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