Monday, January 24, 2011

Just for the Record

I am and have been for years a Steeler fan...ask anyone who truly knows me. But do NOT listen to Johnny Stafford who said last night that I was a frontliner...or some sort of insult.

See that's old. And if I haven't told this before I'm agonna tell it again. My aunt who was a die hard Brownie fan (I mean really, can you root for a bunch of elves?) and one Christmas she thought she'd be funny and give me a full out Brown's sweat outfit...pants and sweatshirt....tacky orange and brown and ugly. She's sitting across from me sniggling so I felt I knew what I'd see when I opened it. I peeked in, saw the outfit, didn't even remove the lid. Told her she wasted her money but I'd leave it there for her to wear. Naturally she took it back and I got this sweatshirt...a much lovelier one. This is embroidered...the other was the rubbery iron on junk.

To be a bit more explicit....I became a Steeler fan back in the Rocky Bleier era but mostly because of the owner, Art Rooney, who gave him the chance to come back to the game after a severe injury in Vietnam. So last night, chatting with Linda and hearing the game had ended, I turned on TV to watch Hawaii 5-0. Instead who is standing on the platform to hand the winning trophy over to Dan and Art Rooney? None other than Harris and Bleier. My night was complete.

Yes, it would be great to see the Packers win a super bowl without Favre but I still will be hoping Sixburgh makes is 7.

Go Steelers!

Steely, Susan

PS...I also have a Steelers flag for my car. I think I'll hang it in the backyard to drive my Browns lovin' neighbor a little nuts today.


Lin Floyd said...

you are a true football fan, I could care less who plays in the super bowl or any game-even!

Jocelyn Christensen said...


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