Tuesday, January 11, 2011


2 history lessons for you....1 world, 1 personal.

World.....I am British altho mostly I refer to myself as Polish...probably cuz it heads off a lot of jokes. But as you've read before, I was reared very proper British, in a very proper British home. I have some sort of vague recollection of when Princess Elizabeth became Queen. My very proper English grandmother had an even more proper English girlfriend and they corresponded til death. Audrey sent over the pond a miniature "gold" carriage and horses set, replica of the one Elizabeth rode in for her coronation. Also British papers from the day, as well as keepsake book. Oh, and a pin replica of the 'bowl' used to annoint the queen (really a spoon). I was taught British ways, British history along with our tea for every event, happy/sad. I knew all about the abdication of the king for the American floozy, Wallace Simpson. I knew my grandparents' view on that! I learned to respect their ways and the way of royalty altho later in her life my grandmother would call the Queen Lizzie and always commented about her carrying her purse but never would be carrying any money.

Personal.....I have always been very careful about the movies I watch. I have never seen an R rated movie. Once when the 2nd Raiders of the Lost Ark came out as PG, then changed to PG13, a new rating at the time, I had asked a good friend what it was like. Should I see it or not. Her husband was with us when I asked and she said it was fine. We went...and I have never seen that episode again. For me at the time, it was dark and evil and I felt very uncomfortable in that theater. I was actually afraid...and afraid to move out of my seat! Odd for me, I know those of you who know me are thinking. But it's true. I went back to my friend, freaking out...close to tears and ready to smack her. "How dare you tell me it was OK when you were my friend and you know what I will and will not see!" Her answer? Because her marriage was rocky, and because he was nearby, she didn't want him to think her a prude...so she answered falsely.

Since that I time, I have never recommended a movie outright. But I am going to do so now...with one explanation.

Today, I saw my first R rated movie. And I will be going back again and taking Robert with me. I researched it repeatedly and felt most comfortable in going to see it. And in the end, the one disclaimer proved to be NOTHING! But if you want to see a movie, rich in history, rich in emotion, rich in detail, rich in drama, rich in music...run, do not walk to see:


This is a story about the abdication and rise to the throne by King George VI. Bertie is played by Colin Firth and he is wonderful. His speech tutor is Geoffrey Rush. His wife, the magnificent Helen Bonham Carter. Michael Gambon is King George V. The randy King Edward VIII is Guy Pearce who seems to do quite well in this smarmy roles. The hardest character for me to watch was Churchill because he was portrayed by Timothy Spall, who you will know immediately as Wormtail (peter pettigrew) of Harry Potter fame but he was excellent as Sir Winston.

So here's the reason for the R rating...and it is up to you whether you can endure this or will pass it by. DO not pass it by for this reason if you have any sense of movie going, of history. Over half way through the movie, Bertie is continuing his therapy with Lionel. The truth of why he studders and stammers has come out and Bertie goes on about a 20 second rampage. Think back on any studderers you might have known, or anyone with turrets syndrome. Then
imagine the emotions and fears as he know he must be the next king because he lousy brother is going to abdicate the crown for the trollop. Imagine a stream of words not used in polite society by people of refinement and taste and proper language skills. Yes...when asked by Lionel if he can use the 'f' word, Bertie says 'fornicate'. and then comes a stream of the 'f' word which I have never used***. Truly, if it lasts 20 seconds I would be surprised. And it's said in the midst of such angst. Such fear. Such horror for all he was put through to this point, for all he knew he would face as the King of England as she entered World War II.

Please...Please...see this movie. I doubt I have ever seen such a beautiful film in my life. Robert loved Amadeus. To me this far exceeds that movie, which is a movie I loved and cried at. The King's Speech had me in tears. But I want to share conversation about this movie. So IF you see, call, and let's chat. Or call and take me with.

At one point, I leaned over to Daphne and said....give me your arm cuz I need to hold on to someone. She laughed but lent me her arm. And I gripped it til I had to find some tissues. Then a bit later I had to grip it again. The chair arm would not do. It had to be flesh and blood..something with warmth, attached to someone who was experiencing exactly what I was experiencing. Thank you Daphne for suggesting this wonderful day (which started out at Bellacinos, movie, coming out to a lovely snow storm, off to grocery stop and then a stop at the Carriage House Bakery in case we get snowed in).

You can find many reviews if you want. But here's an excellent one, by AARP (that's me...hooray). Roger Ebert said that the R rating for this movie was ludicrous and I totally agree. I also agree that it ought to be a movie for all teens, with their parents ( I add that part) who have prepped their kids. It's a movie that teaches so many lessons without it being obvious, nor forced.

Oh, if only all movies could be like this.

****I would never use this word but not because it's offensive. But because to me it just shows a lack of language skills. Really...."f" does that much for you?, makes you feel like that's a great way to show how you feel when there are so many more wonderful phrases that say the exact same thing with more force and leaves the listener stunned as he thinks about what you said and then can't retort in kind?

See the movie. Or not. It's up to you.

Ratedly, Susan


Max and Deborah said...

Wow the trailer definately has me wanting to see it, as does your review. I am one who also doesn't watch rated R movies, even when it is about Christ, but if you are correct in your review, wow, I would love to see it with Max. The emotion I felt from the trailer sounds like it is only the beginning. I absolutely love GREAT movies. It sounds like I will be calling you, as soon as it comes to Stephenville.

Thank you.

Lin Floyd said...

I don't watch R movies but some PG-13's are worse...will consider going to see or rent this one on netflix.

cherrystones said...

It seems odd to me that the rating system would give this an 'R' rating. They must say the f-word more than a specific number of times that is permissible in a PG-13 movie. The f-word is in PG-13 movies, but only once during a film per say. I saw the preview for this and like you was anxious to see it. I love Kollin Firth. I don't watch 'R' rated films myself. I may be giving you a jingle if Matt doesn't want to go with me.

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