Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Full Dark No Stars

Well, you know I love reading Stephen King's stories...and this was no exception. and I know you, my faithful readers, do least not all. 3 of you do. All 4 stories were dark but so true. There often is a dark side to us and altho most of you don't even think such things, I know my dark side very clearly. Sadly.

But the Afterword is the best..."All right, I think we've been down here in the dark long enough. There's a whole other world upstairs. Take my hand, Constant Reader, and I'll be happy to lead you back into the sunshine. I'm happy to go there, because I believe most people are essentially good. I know that I am......It's YOU I'm not entire sure of."

I find it totally fascinating that King is almost militant about his desire to have his stories read and have them move you, to shake you up..or as he says be 'both propulsive and assaultive. It gets in your face. Sometimes it shouts in your face." He provokes emotion and I think that I enjoy having those moments because they make me sit and do you feel about this, Susan? How do you think? What would you do if the same thing happened to you?'

And in these stories, except for the 1st one, I have had the exact same thoughts about what I would do. I am also heard to say, when the topic of a child molester creeps up in discussion, put the jerk in the town square, ringed by moms like me...It would be taken care of.

Yes, that's how I feel.

There's a moment in one story when one investigator wonders if the creep is suffering the same misery in death that he inflicted in life. I put down the story and looked out at the wonderful winter Ohio...and thought....Nope...I doubt the Lord does this to these kinds of people altho I sure wish He did. But then again, I'm not the Lord. I'm still walking on this soil trying to become better...and sometimes lose the battle. Sometimes not.

Darkly, Susan

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Lin Floyd said...

interesting post, I shy away from any violent or dark movies, books or news. Don't need or want it in my life though I know it exists in our world...

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