Wednesday, January 26, 2011


There is this great site that sends out mails with helpful ideas and patterns for me to try. Actually there are several. AllFreeSewing is the one that caught my eye a few days ago and brought back a memory. That issue offered 15 patterns that copy clothes at Anthropologie.

See the picture at the right? This is what brought a memory back to me.

When I was a teen, barely a teen, I had a friend, Cris Marriott ( pronounced mare-E-ett NOT mare-OTT altho I heard a few years ago that once the Mariott chain got famous, this family changed the pronounciation as well....). Everyone wanted to be Cris' friend. The boys stood in line to drool over her. The girls recognized that Cris had a style all her own and we all wanted to copy it.

One weekend she spent at my house, she arrived with a lovely ruffled top for me. It was bright pink and the ruffles were topstitched in black. It was sleeveless and JUST barely covered the midriff. We thought we were the bomb. I can remember walking up Belmere Drive and feeling like we were walking down the runway.

Funny how some memories make you charge back to 'that' moment as if it was yesterday. I also remember how concerned my mom was about me wearing a nearly bare midriff but she didn't choose to fight that battle but as always with her smarts, she won the war as I grew up and realized my mom was always right about just about everything.

I don't know where Cris is today...I know she's had a lot of marriages. But I am going to guess, or at least hope, that she is as lovely as she was as a teen; as creative as she was then. She was something else!

ruffily, susan


Lin Floyd said...

I like the idea choose your battles...Daniel used that all the time as their oldest are going to be teenagers this year and they are girls...

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Love that top! I'm sure you looked glad you didn't have my parents back then or they would have made you wear that shirt again...THE CORRECT way!

gremhog said... had horrible parents. it's surprising you didn't studder. But my 'top' was worn as it was meant to be worn.

marissa said...

I beg to differ, J. I can remember getting away with wearing a lot of risque clothing-and just walking right by mom and dad! And let's not bring up your Youth Conference know the one!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Ha ha! Too funny! :)

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