Thursday, January 27, 2011

the basement in process

One of the basement waterproofers came up and said, " did not tell us there was a pool in your basement." That's a bit scary to hear. I know we had SOME water but fearing what was underneath getting ready to flood up is why we called in the experts who would do the job, start to finish. No piece meal work this time.

Then that same man called me down to look at all the water. This is the water that the pipes will direct to the new 'pump' that takes it outside..and this goes along all 4 walls. Thank goodness everything is totally wrapped in plastic wrap. It's a mudhole down there. Maybe we should have just had them make a pool. But at least this water is clean sewer water. But for now it's pretty muddy all over.
This is the hole. On the bottom is where the original sump pumpS were/are located. This one will be used only for the auxillary tub to empty into and it is is a new tub that will be installed..and it will not have water in it. Above that, where the man is showing me with a very long handled shovel how much water there is, is where their new system will be placed. It will collect the water from the pipes shown above, and will be like a huge strainer, but again taking the water outside.

So far, no cracks in the walls inside.

However, the men have found a couple of cracks outside. They are digging a trench around the house, 3' deep. Then they will repair the cracks and seal it a couple of times, and make it so the water runs away from the house. Since our downspouts do not hook up to the city sewer lines, they have had to implement a different attack plan but it is still going to least so they say.

I just chatted with the man digging outside and he said the ground isn't completely frozen but he's running into rocks and pieces of brick and that's complicating/slowing things somewhat.

The other worker mentioned that one of the huge bushes in the back might have to be removed. I told him it was fine; I probably didn't like that bush anyway. The bushes really are too large, and too old and needed to be replaced. So this might be the start of something else Robert can work on in the spring...or we'll call in the family crew to see who would like to help yank them out for their old man.

I noticed the dump trunk is not in the driveway so I'm guess it was filled with what they've dug up both inside and out and had to be taken somewhere to be disposed of.

I was making a big pan of cinnamon rolls for Robert's two crews on midnight at the mill and decided to make 5 separate pans for these workers to take home. I must say that I am glad we did not get the snow that NYC/M2T2 got yesterday.... Who knows when this project would have been completed.

I wonder if they will attempt to get rid of the mud in the basement when they are completed. I hope so....oh least it'll gonna be dry. Right? the basement? Say yes! Now I am imagining new arrangement for things downstairs...and that is a lot of fun.

muckily, susan


teamk said...

This is one serious project! I am glad you got the pros involved. I am sure they will work double hard tomorrow since they will have sweet memories in mind.

Lin Floyd said...

you'll soon have volunteers lining up to drain your basement and dig ditches just to get some cinnammon rolls.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

We'll come plant new landscaping!

Linda Stafford said...

Having my basement re-done several years ago, not as bad as this one, but bad. Totally worth it, Susan. Peace of mind is a wonderful thing!

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