Thursday, January 13, 2011


You may remember that in November, the Christensens gave me an Amish/vintage apron plus the pattern. I mentioned that I could put that apron on in the morning and wear it til bedtime. You just do not know it's on. And I often do today I decided I needed to myself another one...and chose some crazy Valentine inspired fabric.

The binding is the is flourescent green that matches part of the design of the fabric. No one was home to take a picture so I asked a very young piano student to snap a picture. He's on the short side and opted to sit down. I was just happy he managed to get all of me.

But here's the fun apron. I'm layered today cuz it's quite cold. So altho I am obese...i'm usually not quite so large looking....wait, oh yes you are, Susan.

Oh well, it is what it is. My goal for 2011 to begin with is to lose 1 pound a week or 3 pounds/month. Very slow going but hopefully it will stay off longer. The trick is not eating as much, and not of the wrong kinds of food. Hank and I discussed an app I have on my iPhone, called Lose It. It's one of those deals where you write down every single thing you eat...and you have a set calorie count that you may not go over. It's been very helpful.

So what do I do today? I needed to feed my starter so ended up making sour dough bread. There's something wrong with this plan.

Anyway...this entry is supposed to be about the new let's concentrate on that.

Coveredly, Susan

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