Tuesday, December 14, 2010


AND ANOTHER SNOW DAY FROM SCHOOL....OH JOY. But it is sunny here but still bitterly cold. Robert had the great idea that we should play Monopoly. Do you know how I hate Monopoly and always have? It was torture. And try as I might to lose by bankrupting myself, I always seemed to get more money. Finally, after what seemed like 2+ hours of this stupid game I finally succeeded. I was the first one out...hallelujah. Connor won by a landslide. I just left and started lunch.

Here you can see who Niko's favorite it....it's Adelle. She strokes him so nicely and allows him to lean against her, snuggling all the while.
I considered making some cards using Dawn's mammoth supply of stuff but it was just too hard. I didn't know where her stuff was and it was daunting to think of card ideas when hers were all over the place...staring at me...willing me to try. I gave up on that as well.

We hope with the sun that there will be school tomorrow. Since we haven't been out, I don't know what the roads are like and I'm not traveling on ice.

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Jocelyn Christensen said...

Kids are still sick here...but they received blessings this morning, so we'll see...Mckenna is so beautiful!

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