Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Thanksgiving was Nov 25th this year and as luck would have it, Robert was working day shift, covering for another man who was on vacation....SO....we could leave Wednesday afternoon. We traveled to be with The Christensens in Amish country PA...and they allowed us to bring Niko...which was quite a savings for us.

We were greeted with a basket on our bed filled with candy, notecards, a redhat notebook. AND THE BEST APRON EVER. Well, OK..the best apron for now. I just never know when I'll find another best apron because for me, most aprons are the best. This one, however, is one I could wear day in and day out (and basically did the whole time I was in PA...I'm wearing it in the first picture up there...but it doesn't show off very well). PLUS I got the pattern for it. This is Amish made and truly perfect.

Steve and Jocelyn put on a great feast...trying new butterflying a turkey. Who'd a thunk it. It looked very professional sitting in the pan with garlic tucked into the flaps Steve made in the skin. It was quite a pretty turkey, splayed out in the pan.

It was seasoned and oiled and into the oven and baked in a shorter time than a stuffed turkey.

Jocelyn also made my mom's cranberry ice and it's always such a nice memory of her.

There was also brussel sprout casserole...and my rolls. And my rolls were a new recipe...the recipe, the kind of rolls I had always wanted to bake..the kind that is soft and light and wonderful. Jocelyn prefers my original rolls but I will be sticking to these for awhile. Even Steve was kind enough to ask if I had really bought them at a bakery. Yes, at least I can now say I have a recipe to DIE FOR. But that made me upset because, being the worrier that I am, I was afraid I would now really die and never get to bake/eat these rolls again. But as you can see, I'm writing this so for now, I'm not dead yet.

The kids were charming and silly and sweet. They enjoyed a round card game I brought with me and then left it for them, telling only Scarlett where the secret hiding place was.

And as is our tradition, we had a craft for after dinner/dishes. This year, Jocelyn planned these wonderful silhouette ornaments. She had gone around taking side view pictures of each of us, including Niko. Then we cut them out, traced them, and cut them from black paper. Mounted on wood, layered with printed design papers. The ones below aren't dry yet but they had a hanger attached and a lovely ribbon bow.
Personally we all think Niko's silhouette turned out the exactly like him. What made this nice was that when I was young, my sister and I got to sit for the famous silhouette cutter, Wally Spatz. She would just sit looking at us in profile and with the tiniest of scissors would cut our silhouettes, without missing a beat. And she was so good with adding eyelashes and negative space. Some time, if you are bored, Google her name and see her work. My silhouette along with Debi's is still hanging in the red room.

Later that night, Jocelyn and Steve attempted to do some shopping but one store was closed and one wouldn't ring anything up til after midnight. So instead, they opted to see the new Harry Potter movie. We were able to watch the kids....altho they didn't want to go to sleep. Scarlett thought I yelled at her...but really, I didn't. I just kept firmly putting her to bed. I had made up stories which I am not good at fiction, singing 2 songs...which I am not good at singing...and saying a lot of prayers. Finally they went to sleep and so did we.

Sleep, grateful for life and family, for the nation of freedom. The restored gospel. For a great car that gives us great mileage. For more fun things to do this week....more to come.


Lin Floyd said...

sounds like a thankful thanksgiving day with family...let's see the new apron up closer!

Kate said...

Sounds like a picture-perfect Thanksgiving!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

It was such a treat to have you!

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