Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Afternoon

There should have been blogs when I had kids still at home...this is too much fun. I actually have things to blog about.

Church was excellent. Evan gave a talk. The Primary singing time had a fun activity and since we were in with the y0unger kids, we witnessed it. A name was pulled and that child was handed a box and asked to go find someone lingering in the hallways and if no one was in the hall, then find someone in a classroom and bring them back to Primary. Then they opened the box and took out one of the slips of papers and the children say whatever song was on it. For the senior Primary, I was sitting in RS and Adelle came to get me, with the I knew what to expect. I had no sooner left the Primary room when Connor tapped me and said, come back. Did all the kids and their teachers chuckled.

It is snowing like crazy ... has been all morning. By linnertime, (that's a late lunch, early dinner) there was 4" of snow on this patio table and the trees are laden with snow so much that all the branches are bent down. The boys went out and played in the snow while I prepared the Hawaiian Haystacks. This is the view out the kitchen doorwall...very pretty. Even prettier out the side and the sink window.

As we cleared off the table, Adelle started with the last layer of the Striped Delight. It's always hard to not lick the spreadin' spoon.

Then came the eating:


Jocelyn Christensen said...

It is a blessing to be able to blog about our adventures at home. It's an easy way to be able to remember all that we do together. That's a fun primary game!

Lin Floyd said...

history does repeat itself when the grandparents come to!

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