Saturday, December 11, 2010

The start of Christmas

Jocelyn's family is having a homemade Christmas this year. So all things they give each other and to friends and family will be homemade. Steve has been very busy in the basement and you can see what he's cooked up for his daughter when you see Jocelyn's well as what wee Guy is making for his sisters. Crafts abound in this home.

But a very sweet gift was made by Jocelyn and given to my godparents, Johnny and Patsy. Jocelyn send it home with me after Thanksgiving and I took it to them, with the instructions that since it was a 'seasonal' sort of gift they were to open and use it all month. Isn't it a lovely quilt...and Patsy is reading the message and names on it. They both declared it more of a keepsake than a just a quilt. And that it was.

We celebrated Christmas with our friend Pam and Ken on the first Saturday in December. After eating out we stopped in various stores along the way home. Gale's nursery is a favorite haunt of their so we stopped in. All Christmas and very lovely. I have been trying to find a certain squirrel feeder that looks like a bungee cord time deal cuz we have a lovely squirrel who teases Niko all the time. But I haven't been able to find one. However, on this trip to Gale's I did find something that I thought would work very nicely...but Ken said...Stop, don't guy this...I can make this. So Pam estimated the measurements, I snapped a couple of pictures with the iPhone (thanx Jake) and emailed them to her home. When I came home from church the very next day, this was awaiting me. This thing spins as the squirrel eats on it. I am hoping to see the squirrel take a ride on it as the squirrels do on Daphne's bungee thing.

I am now in Michigan, watching the 3 Barrett grands while Dawn and Ken are cruising the Caribean for 10 days. It's a whole lot more fun to watch grands when the parents aren't around. And I find I can be more lenient with them, in their home than I might have been in my own, or I know Dawn would have been.

So they are very helpful with Niko, they love Niko and enjoy having a dog around for not having to board our dog saves us a lot of money. There is a snow/ice storm coming so after I finish posting this, I will be heading to Meijer {no 's'}, where else, (oh and on the news today, after the Red Wings game last night, the coach talked in front of the backdrop that said Meijer with the Red Wings emblem? Does Meijer own this team or support it? cuz I think I will suddenly become a Red Wings fan....Meijer here we come...I know there's a Red Wing section in that store) to pick up a donut cutter since the kids want to make donuts and tomorrow night might be the perfect time.

But today Connor had to make a batch of cookies for his Primary class tomorrow. They are having a bakeoff. So he told his mom he wanted to make a pb cookie with chocolate chips. Today he had changed his mind but we did this recipe anyway since his mom had left out all the stuff. We will freeze a couple for the parents' return.

The first pan we opted to drizzle chocolate on the tops.

The second pan each dough ball was rolled in sugar. But Connor did all the work...But he's exhausted now...he thinks his planters' warts are zapping his strength...oh dear.

Well, I assured him, he can nap after our shopping spree. Then we will be heading to their church's Christmas party...where Adelle will be an angel and Evan a Wise Man...but the performance is all hush-hush. It's to be a big surprise to the party goers.

I am hoping Robert gets up here in time. And before the storm sets in. Ken called from Florida and said he heard there might be 12" of snow...say it isn't so!


JP said...

Looks like you're having fun. And aren't you glad you have Niko with you, in case you get snowed you won't be missing him any extra. :D

Lin Floyd said...

have fun babysitting or should I say grandsitting. Looks like you have lots planned.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Thanks for sharing those pictures of Johnny and Patsy! I'm glad to see them enjoying the quilt! So...I made princess dresses for the girls after all...I'm in the middle of making them I should say, but it's going fast!

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