Sunday, December 12, 2010

The next day of Christmas month

Saturday is a special day....Usually it's to get ready for Sunday but today it was just to play and have fun. Having managed to get the kids to agree, altho reluctantly, to go to Meijer with me, naturally we had to stop at McDonalds. But that entailed a discussion of if we really wanted to go there...or Wendy's...and on the way home I realized Taco Bell, new, was now opened and we could have gone there...oh well...there's always next Saturday.

But I have to say, there are always amazing sales at Meijer and i have to figure out a way to get them to come to my neck of the woods. I travel to Sandusky several times a year with you have read about previously. It's always such a lark. Personally, I cannot wait for the kids to hit the bus stop on Monday, cuz then I'm off to Meijer and all these other stores around there.

The evening was the Lake Orion Ward party. First was a lovely ham dinner and the lives moved incredibly fast which is nice. Evan, the kid who has taste and texture issues with his food thought he could eat 2 Costco-type rolls (you know the kind...the ones I can now finally bake myself) and dessert. Did he really think his granny was gonna allow this? HA. I let him think he was getting away with the 2 rolls until he wanted dessert. Then I took him back to the food tables and insisted he eat 3 things...and he did...without a murmur...and then he had dessert.

Then they had a white elephant gift exhange. Everyone, young and old participated and they told a right/left story so that after you got back to your table with the gift you thought you had, you didn't. Evan had this great huge, heavy bag and he right/lefted it to his senior friend, Jackie Smith. She actually didn't want it but gave it to us to take home for Dawn....and Dawn, probably Ken moreso will LOVE it. It's a waffle cone maker. Sweet Deal. Ken is a sweet deal. He's actually a connoseiur of all things candy. This is the drawer that awaited Robert and I, next to the bed....for midnight snacking:

And after all of this fun, the program began as we heard from various Biblical and historical characters talk of Christ, beginning with Isaiah. The final scene was the Primary children as a live nativity. You'll see McKenna as an angel, and Evan is the Wise Man on the far left. Totally an enjoyable evening. And all done before the snows arrived. It's now Sunday and it's like a WinterWonderland out there...I guess it really is Christmas month. Ring the Bells.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

How cute! We saw a live nativity yesterday, with Llamas and lambs and such, but the animals were completely overpowering the people...which I'd imagine was more authentic!

Lin Floyd said...

aren't you having fun babysitting...

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