Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's beginning to feel like Christmas

I like Sophia's way of calculating Christmas. Yesterday she said there was only one day left before Christmas. Yesterday had already begun, no one counts Christmas ... why would you, it's here...and Christmas Eve doesn't get counted either because it's a part of Christmas. So by that reasoning, it appears Christmas is here...and I am as excited as a kid. Usually Christmas has been difficult for me for many reasons leftover from bygone years. But there's something special about this year...altho I can't exactly put my finger on it.

I totally understand the religious aspect of this holiday and honor Him who we celebrate...with gratitude for His supreme gift to all mankind. That goes without saying. But there's something to be said for the secular aspect of Christmas, where we all get to hook into the same concept of giving gifts.

Maybe it's because Marissa and Hank are bringing wee Henry home for the holidays...which means the New Hatch Batch and the Barrett Bungalow will all come to meet him. That means I'll have lots of family to watch and admire and have fun with.

Below is a the last picture I took before leaving Michigan last Sunday. Robert wanted to make a card to welcome home Ken and Dawn...The Snowbirds, he called them. So he and Evan got dressed and went outside to pluck off the perfect branch from an evergreen to adorn his card. Then he used Dawn's special stapler to attach the branch to the card. It was rather cute seeing him make a card in Dawn's artroom....where she makes all her fabulous cards. He was so excited about it. Funny and adorable man! (If you click on it, you'll get bigger so you can have a better view of the card he made)

And then there are the little celebrations. We are having lunch today with Daphne and she's got something secret to show us at her home. She won't tell and altho I tried to guess, I didn't guess correctly. Plus the mug of cocoa and marshmallows that appeared IN my house with no name?....came from Molly and Mark, at 809. How sweet.

Tonight the Thompsons are coming to carol to us and I have some little gifts to give them for doing this to us. Nissa and her son, Joshua, come for piano lessons while Devonie plays with Niko. We don't get to see Jeremy much but he's as delightful as the rest of his family. We can't wait. I can't wait. We used to do this with our kids and I have such tender memories of hearing their voices.

Then comes the gifts. I know, I's not about getting's about giving them. But let's face it, who doesn't love getting a gift that is special and meant only to the receiver? I love getting gifts. I mean, I really love it. My friend Teri gifts me constantly with things, like the trundle bed she's taking apart and bringing over piecemeal so that we have enough bedding for all the family, whenever they show up. And my friend Jill has offered to come and help me put it together or get things ready...even tho it is her day off.

When we left Dawn's home, she gave me one of my of those huge cutting mats that I have always wanted but never bought for myself. I got it early cuz it really was senseless to wrap up something that huge and how would I not guess it. Right now, it's stored behind a chest of drawers til after the holidays...but it's sure going to come in handy cuz I have lots of plans for it. But there are lots of other things under the tree from the Barretts.

And Jocelyn's family made a gift, the same for each of us. You've probably read how her family has made all their gifts for everyone this year. Ours came in the mail yesterday. We weren't supposed to open it til Christmas but despite the fact it came with this huge yellow smiley face with the words, Do Not Open Til Christmas, and I do have new glasses/lens...I never saw the interdict notice...oops. But when I did, I slid it back into the envelop and put it under the tree and didn't mention it to Robert.

My godparents sent me home with the gifts so long ago...again with the instructions to NOT open, NO peeking. Bah! But I promised. You have already read about the quilt Jocelyn made for them. I have packages all wrapped up for them from the Barretts but we are hoping they come down to meet baby Henry and then they can have a visit with Patsy and Johnny and take them their own gifts. But we also got a surprise gift from them. Patsy orders all of her gifts by catalog and there's one called Fiji I think...and in it this year, for the first time, she found a kit to make Rueben Sandwiches. Knowing how much we love this sandwich, she ordered it and it arrived while we were in MI. Pam saw it and kept it in the garage. It came with all the fixin's and the corned beef was so wonderfully lean. We opted to eat it last night and it was amazing. Enough to make about 6 sandwiches. Yum!

We had the Kennedy's gifts since we were there in September, all boxed up and taped shut, but I finally did put them under the tree a couple of days ago. Lovely shiny paper...very cool...very interesting shapes. I wonder.................

But I think I am having such a fun time finding things for Robert. We are at the age when we don't actually need anything. When we do, we can now just go and buy whatever. But there's the challenge of actually finding the right things for the right person. And this year, I have hit the motherlode of right things for my right person. He's going to love every single thing, I am sure of it. And laugh! ? Oh how he'll chuckle. But sadly, no one will be here to watch/listen. I guess I'll have to blog about it odd idea, isn't it? Best debt!

Well, time to get to cleaning up the kitchen...almost time to head to Daphne's for lunch.

It IS Christmas....No more waiting. Love to all......


Jocelyn Christensen said...

You like gifts, because it is your love language. And that is why giving is your THANG! Merry Christmas!

Lin Floyd said...

sounds like a perfect family christmas with loved ones all around and presents to open. ENJOY!

Nikki said...

I love it!! It is Christmas!! I love everything about Christmas including the shopping with all the other crazy shoppers! Hope your Christmas is Merry!

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