Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Old Year 2010

Thus I come to the end of the 2010 year. And it's been a great year...with an even greater ending.

We finished our stay in MI with a trip to the All Year Christmas Store in Canterbury Village. We have been so often that there's nothing really new but Robert loves looking at the lovely wood. This place has transported the most amazing wood pieces from mansions and cathedrals in Europe/England. There is even a confessional which is exquisite. It makes the visit even better to imagine living in a home that has such workmanship. Oh, to have some of these things in our home. There was a most interesting room panel was Egyptian in nature and on sale. I really thought Robert would buy it because he was intrigued by it. But no, he said it wasn't out if we have a decor!

But it is fun. I bought one ornament...a glass snail that is very cute.

We sadly left MI and the family to return home ... in preparation to meet more family, knowing full well that the Barretts would be joining us as well.

It was a bit lonely on Christmas Eve at first but then Dawn called and her family was getting ready to read Luke 2 and the Littlest Angel and they invited us to join them, over the phone. We were so happy to be included in this tradition of our family, which continues with the next generations. This year, Connor actually read The Littlest Angel cuz he wanted to. I always like to hear the dads read it but it's not to think that a future dad got his start reading in 2010 and I was there to hear it. Plus we opened gifts from them. In addition to the large cutting mat we got Lake Orion dragon

Then Cara called and we opened lovely gifts from the Kennedy's .... long before midnight. They gave us lovely unusual and bright serving dishes to go with our very white square dishes which we just got last fall. It helps to set a very pretty table . We talked with Christensens next and talked about the Uncle Johnny Joke Book which Jocelyn had compiled. It will fun to remember all his jokes when he passes from mortality...but right now, I can actually hear him tell these jokes.

Then Robert and I decided to break with tradition and we opened out gifts and did not get up at midnight. It was actually was really nice. We weren't tired at all...but it did seem strange. Here's Robert in the hat he really wanted...He's such a hat man. Just before Christmas Eve we had gone to Marc's and he found a leather/suede leather hat for $3... I call it his pimp hat altho the brim is a little too narrow to actually be a pimp hat...but it's very cool. He seemed to enjoy all the gifts I got him and I was glad. Especially this 'will garden for food' cuz that's what Robert has become an expert at....gardening. We enjoy his produce all year long.

He surprised me with gift certificates to Macy's AND to have a maid come in for 4 hours and clean my home. Yippee. I also got the duplicate makeup mirror that Cara has, that I fell in love with. I wonder how he found it...could he have searched the internet? Why, yes, i think he did!

Even Niko got gifts. He loved playing with the stuffless skunk and one he got it away from Robert he ran off with it, teasing us to come play. Patsy/Johnny gave Niko a huge box of treats that looked like real cookies and we spent a couple moments warning everyone else during the holidays that these were real treats.

We awoke on Christmas Day very refreshed and eager to get to the airport to pick up Hank, Marissa, and baby Henry...and so the holiday began. Here is Henry is a new hat that my friend Kathy crocheted for him. It fits very nicely...and warmly...and he'll need it when he returns to NYC and their blizzard covered streets. We opened our gifts from them...certificate from iTunes and a great book on the History of the World.

Within a few hours, the New Hatch Batch arrived....all ready to play. It was so much fun. Lily is now walking all over the place and it was seeing Christmas through the eyes of youngsters again...and that makes the day.

For dinner we had a non-traditional dinner...a raclette grill. And all enjoyed it. Jordan and Hillary are going to borrow the grill to use for a dinner party themselves. I am so grateful to Debbie Lee for introducing this to us last fall...and am so grateful I got this grill for us. It's been so fun. And we have more plans for dinner parties, especially in January.

Hillary and Jordan got pix of all the grands (except Autumn who I gather didn't want to pose for a pix). The kids all are saying or signing I Love You...and all the pix are in a GrandKids frame. Cannot wait to hang this on a wall. Plus we also received BBW twin sets....soap and hand lotion. I love the twin sets but they are only sold in the holidays, I think. Robert received his gift a couple of months ago...this wonderful grass/branch vacuum/mulcher thing. I know there's a name but can't recall it. It was great to have in the late fall and made picking up the leaves so much easier for him.

Then there was the silly moment when Jordan freaked Marissa out with my BabaYaGa marionette. For some reason, Marissa isn't comfortable with witches. You'd think it would have been Jordan since he's the one who was made to watch "IT" when he was about the hopes of teaching him he needed to come home on time and not wander the neighborhood.

Jordan kept marching the marionette toward Marissa. And then he made the witch pick up a Hershey Kiss and hand it to Marissa. Marissa tried to read the newspaper but BabaYaGa seemed to like to walk over the newspaper to get to Marissa. Then without Marissa's knowing, Jordan took a slew of pictures of the marionette and video and sent it to her phone. Siblings! You just gotta love them! It was so much fun...and so silly.

We went to church Sunday morning and it was fun to nearly fill up the front pew. Yes, it's a bit odd to look up at the podium that close but this Sunday we spent the full Sac Mtg singing our favorite hymns...after telling why it's our favorites. It was enjoyable but after awhile it was hard to hold up the hymnal. Here's a picture of Miss Lily before she got her hair done up for church...but isn't this dress just so classically lovely?

Dawn and Ken and kids all arrived Sunday afternoon. And no..there were no chairs in the kitchen at that moment so Dawn and Ken 'sat' for the pix. We had the standard turkey dinner. Ken is great with babes. Here he's teaching Henry to use the iPod Touch or was it the iPhone. Robert said when Dawn was holding Henry that she looked like a Madonna. Dawn insists that every woman holding baby looks like that. Not so. But Dawn would like another child but then says no. Personally, we think they need another one. The Barrett kids are all so good with babies in general, and Henry in particular.

Monday, otherwise known as Workday his year tarrived. We all headed to the basement to redistribute all the 'stuff' to the center of the preparation for whenever the basement waterproofing guys arrive. This was supposed to have taken 1 hour but I think it was more like 2. But Robert and I were so grateful that we have kids who were willing to help us old folks out. Robert and I could not have done this all by ourselves, at least not as easily. Yes, there will be more stuff to throw away, more stuff to put away, more stuff to organize...a lot more stuff to give away should anyone else want the things. But that all comes when the basement is dry it's promised to be. But for now, it is time to really throw things away, and not think maybe some day my kids will want/need it. We are grateful for these wonderful offspring and their offsprings' help.

Food was in bountiful supply. Monday we had the standard ham dinner and it was delicious as well. I had a HoneyBaked Ham in the freezer and with both it and the turkey now gone, the freezer can be reorganized and more things bought.

I had purchased a bunch of new games and so we could play old and new. I look forward to playing these games with my neighbor Daphne-of-the-bulldogs who broke her foot on Wednesday. She'll be housebound for awhile so I can tote some games down there and we can wile away some hours together. She's a very good game player.

We are finishing up the morning activities and then are off to visit my godparents. But for now, here are some fun shots with Marissa and her son. Look at how he adores her.
And here he is peeking at me from his mom's shoulder. I didn't think he'd see me behind the lamp but wee ones are very observant. Visiting my godparents was very rewarding and we were very happy to see Uncle Johnny looking SO good. Patsy had been ill this week but is better now. They were both pleased to see a wee one, to be able to hold and talk to Henry.
They were sorry they didn't get to see Lily this holiday season and commented that they never get to see the babies til the babes are going to school. So I will have to make an effort to get the NHB over to visit them the next time they come up.

Pam came by to visit/meet Henry this afternoon as well. She loves babies and Henry took right to her. She would kiss his cheeks and nuzzle him and he'd giggle like mad.

There's just something so very wonderful about a baby, isn't there? Something sweet and innocent and fun. I think maybe we all ought to try and be more babylike. I don't know how that actually happens but I wish I could make it happen.

Seems like as all bloggers, I take the pix and very rarely get in any so I decided to snap one of me and wee Henry myself.

We don't have any huge plans for a New Year's celebration. Just the 4 of us, trying to stay awake long enough to welcome in the new year. Robert worked about 16 hours last night but I am not sure he'll make it. But we will have the standard sausage rolls, dips, chips, beverages. Hank is going to make us some bruschetta with some home made mozzarella cheese from a man he's made contact with in Oberlin, who owns a pizzaria.

We stopped at Panera's to get a baguette since there is no more time to bake. Today we already had the first 2 loaves of the sour dough bread, made from the 250 year old new sour dough starter.

So to all....Happy New Year...with all my love. And I'll see you again in 2011!


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Lin Floyd said...

you're having too much fun with kids, babies and good food. sounds like a perfect holiday

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