Monday, December 13, 2010

Freezin' in MI

Same as in Ohio, I am told. The school phone system awoke me at 4am to alert me to the fact there would be no school. Hooray....I guess. But I figured the kids would just sleep in until I awoke them. Not so. I smelled food and Robert went and reported back that they were all dressed, had gotten HotPockets for breakfast and were ready to go. So we lolligagged around for the rest of morning and then opted to see the newest Narnia Movie at 11:45. Excellent. And fun...except for the fact the theater had no heat. We wore our hats, gloves and coats and come out with frozen feet. A worker gave us a couple get-in-free vouchers for our pain. So if the kids are in school Friday, Robert and I may go and see Tron.

Now I will start the doughnut dough and then dinner and then make the doughnuts...and try to keep warm. The roads up here are nothing but ice. It's horrific. Hoping and praying the roads improve before we have to return.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Doughnut dough....sounds yummy!

Lin Floyd said...

sounds like winter in the east. I put the air conditioner on in my car today and it was 62 and hot when I returned to drive home after christmas shopping. sure don't miss the snow!

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