Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Easy Day

Today the grands returned to school. Naturally, Evan left his shoes at home and called for me to bring them to him. After school, I learned that Con also left she shoes at home but he made do with the snow boots.

So Robert and I enjoyed a crazy few hours at his amazing Great Lakes Crossing Outlet Mall...all indoors...and it goes on and on and on. I actually bought a pair of snow boots for myself. No, I do not go outside often, let alone in the snow. But after the frigid weather we've had here since
Saturday night, I decided perhaps having a pair would be a good idea....especially if it's snowing when I return home on Sunday night. I might be walking on the highway to get to a safe place. Finding a pair I liked, that fit, that I was willing to pay for was difficult. But finally found an exceptional value at Bass ProShop/Outdoor World...or something like that. find a reason to go outside to wear them.

We took the kids to Chili's for dinner because Dawn had free coupons for the kids. Whenever Adelle gets her homework done...and she's got a lot....we are going to watch the first TRON movie which they have on DVD because if all goes right and the kids go to school on Friday, Robert and I will run and see it. Dawn's favorite movie, and favorite 'video game' which she still has...and it's her plan to take her kids to see it herself. Only fair.

A friend of mine from church died this morning. Monika and I enjoyed, no loved pansies and spent a lot of time years past gifting each other with pansy items....tote bag, stationery, pictures, etc. She was probably the most naive or innocent person I've ever met...that or she was good at pulling the wool over our eyes. I'm sticking with the first. I think her life was rather sad and full of hurt and altho she sometimes sounded sad, she was always the first to compliment others. And she had a good heart. And I liked talking with her. I understood how hard it was for her to walk even though she was supposed to walk and didn't. I could see why she got the way she was and just hope that death came quietly to her, and that she found that all she believed it was true...cuz it is.

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