Monday, December 13, 2010


If you recall....we were going to make doughnuts last evening but when the weather turned ferocious and we figured we'd be having a Monday snow day, we opted to make them tonight after dinner.

So after spending a very cold viewing of the newest Narnia movie, coming home to warm up, trying to get naked Niko to at least try and 'go out' for his 'necessary' it was time to make the dough. The dough has to rise 2 times so we prepared dinner and then ate it.

Clean up was a breeze with helping hands. So commenced the doughnuts. The recipe I got from my friend Sophia's Kitchen blog and have made them before and they are on our family blog. Only this time, to the recipe I added 2 T dough enhancer and it made quite the difference.

So we had a lovely time. At the start is was just Adelle and me. Connor arrived downstairs finally and agreed to help. You can see him helping, or trying to as he continued to shove doughnuts into his mouth. He really got going after that last doughnut disappeared.

This recipe makes a lot. We had always planned to take some to the Barretts' next door neighbors, the Dentons. Tom was so good to us yesterday as well as this morning in shoveling us out, and himself out, and the street as well. And altho we might have wanted to eat these all ourselves, it really would have been over the top.

We had fun with the doughnut shapes. Dawn didn't have a doughnut cutter, and Meijer for the first time ever, let me cutter to purchase. So we used glasses and made our own holes in the middle. But as we neared the end, Adelle...who was to have a test on triangles tomorrow, formed 3 of them into "I Heart Triangle", to give to her teacher.

Then the phone rang....and the recorded message announced...another snow day.

Oh joy!

You may wonder why there are only 2 kids shown in this activity. Let me tell you a story and you can figure the reason.

As Robert recalled at dinner tonight, when we were first married I had a sign posted in our kitchen. It read "Complaints to the Chef may be Hazardous to your Health".

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Dawn Mercedes said...

ooh...we sure wish we had some of these donuts too!

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