Thursday, December 02, 2010

Blessing Henry the V

The morning following Thanksgiving, Robert and I bundled into Steve and Jocelyn's car. The 3 car sets were set all along the back row so the 3 wee ones could sit together and we 4 adults would have a bit more room. Seemed the smart thing to one car to NYC. The 3 kiddies in the back did so well together, napping or chatting.

This was the day father Hank would bless his man-child, Henry V. And we were all very excited. Cara and daughter Ella had flown in that morning and grabbed a cab from LaGuardia to Queens. Dawn and family had spent Thanksgiving with Jordan and Hillary's family in Zanesville. Hank's very fun sister, Heidi was in CA. So we had 2 computers Skyping
and had all of us together, one way or another. Hank's brother Jared, wife Emily and 3 kids were were Hank's parents and younger brother, Parker. We didn't find his other brother Joshua anywhere online but we tried.

As we pulled up, Hank, his dad and Parker were just leaving to go get some pizza but they stopped long enough to help us haul the folding chairs up to the apt. They quickly returned with the pizza and we were able to calm our stomachs til 3pm...the appointed blessing time. Hank's mom and Emily and Jared were busy putting together dinner and let me tell you, Kathy is an excellent cook. Jared had cooked the TriTip Roast for the Hank-made tortillas and all the fixins and there was the 7-layer salad, Jocelyn brought a bean salsa and I brought the Chix hot wings dip and an apple caramel cheesecake. Lots of chips. Kathy also made some sort of hot chocolate sauce/brownie with vanilla ice cream.

Marissa dressed Henry in his great great grandfather's christening gown, the knitted booties and put on the 'bracelet' that Christensens had given him, the one that said, "BLESS HENRY" and then walked around to each of us so we could see this wonderful gift child.

Finally the moment arrived. Marissa had written her son a loving letter, revealing the touching thoughts of her heart. She attempted to read it with a box of Kleenex under her arm but it wasn't going to work so she handed the epistle to Jocelyn who read it for her. At the end, Marissa leaned close into her son, who was being held by his dad, and told him how much she loved him. It was beyond touching.

Then the men circled around the babe and Hank gave his son his name...Henry Scott Trefethen V...and a wonderful blessing...powerful if you could think on the things he blessed Henry with and reflect on all that awaits this young boy.
Here are the one set of

Here are the other set of grandparents, Andrew and Kathy Trefethen with youngest son, Parker and granddaughter, Naomi.

Here is all the Trefethen troops, specifically Jared and Emily and their children with the parents. A swell family.

Then came the eating...and oh my..what a great feast. We had a good time eating and chatting and getting to know each other.

Finally we needed to leave to return to PA. Cara and Ella stayed over and before they returned home, they enjoyed a Saturday in NYC, even the skating at Rockefeller Pavilion. It is THE city..and ought to be enjoyed for even a few hours.

Goodbye, Sweet Henry...Hope to see those bright eyes soon....and boy, isn't he just the spittin image of his daddy?


Lin Floyd said...

what a great occasion and what a name! looks like he was royally treated.

marissa said...

oh man! henry looks so old in the last photo. we're starting to see what the not-baby henry will look like.

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