Saturday, December 04, 2010


You know we always get tickets for the Broadway series in Cleveland's Playhouse Square. Tuesday night we saw Billy Elliot the show that is the same story as the movie (which I had not seen) with music by Elton John. It was such an amazing treat. Yes, there were swear words but not filth and nothing that made me cringe ... which might be bad, who knows. But the changing of the scenes is a delight. And several scenes were incredible...ones I wished I could replay know. Like when you are watching TV and you rewind to catch a word or a scene you missed. Like that! Incredible ballet. And when he dances with the dresses...oh my!

The young boy who played Billy, one of 5 who rotate the starring role, was incredible. We delighted with every scene...and he was in all of them for nearly 3 hours. So it shouldn't have surprised me that he'd take fall at the end of the curtain calls.
By this time we, the audience, were standing and clapping and cheering and whistling as each time the curtain came down/went up and there'd be more dancing and more highlighting of the various performers. Once they were in their coal mining outfits with beautiful white tutus on....all tapping away. Finally, all of the production was lined up against the back wall of the stage and Billy was spotlighted. He started his back flip, rotations, whatever...acrobatics...when suddenly he was lifeless on the stage. All crumpled. Stage crew came out, the performers stood stock still, the orchestra stopped playing, the curtain was brought down. It was over. We stood there stunned. No one moved for minutes. Then we realized we weren't going to be told anything and so we all filed out. Quiet this time. I got up early to check online and gratefully the young man was OK. He was checked out and it read that his pride was hurt more than he was and that he would resume his rotational place. Whew! I was so glad.

But as luck would have it, KeyBank, the sponsors of the Broadway Series was again in the foyer taking free pictures. We got one taken when we saw the Blue Man Group in September, you may remember. I posted in on FB and Denise said I ought to use it as our Christmas cards. She's right. It was taken in front of this huge wall/Christmas tree. Instead I used it as the picture at the top of my blog for the season...and now here.
I have to say, this is the best money spent...the Broadway Series. We only buy the series in the Smart Seats....$10/seat (which I would have called Cheap Seats)...but they really are better than cheap. And it's affordable for us. We sit stage center, in the balcony and have the best view of the stage. PLUS we get to see wonderful Broadway shows. Next up is South Pacific in February. This will be followed by: Shrek the Musical (Robert is so excited about this one...go figure), Les Miserables (which will be about the 4th or 5th time we've seen it...and I will see it everytime it comes), West Side Story, and then something called Next to Normal. Have no idea what it's about but the sound track was not inviting. But who knows.

Here's my favorite scene...I think.

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Lin Floyd said...

wonderful dancing, haven't heard of this show but looks very interesting...

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