Monday, November 22, 2010


I woke up at 4am as I usually do but this week, for 3 days, Robert is on the day shift so it really wasn't necessary. But I got to thinking about things that have upset me...tried praying...and when I fell asleep I had a period of those totally mindless, make-in-sense set of dreams. Back in college again but with people I didn't have a clue who they were.

And so I awoke more upset...and not knowing why.

But there have been a couple of incidents and directive from the head that got dumped on an underling to carry out. And of course, now there's upset feelings. All because people do not want to listen to the head. People think they know so much more. Thankfully, I can visit other wards and stay clear.

But does staying clear fix things? Our book group offered to host a party that wasn't being planned by anyone else. We had an amazing great time but there's this sense that a successful party shouldn't have happened. I wonder why some people hope an event will fail, do not even show up, and then whisper.

Our book group reads whatever might be recommended from wherever. We do NOT read sappy books. We do not excuse ourselves nor our choices. But we don't all read all books. Perhaps there are some offensive scenes. We either flip through the pages, skipping those parts or not read them at all. Guess that's the good thing about NOT being a church book club. But still...the snide comments! Good grief. And these from people who probably wouldn't know a good book if they saw one. And if they worry about sex and violence, then above all, do not read the bible stories. And do not be so closed minded!

and that includes Harry Potter. There are people who rant about how they hate that series. That's ok. don't read it. I don't care for the Twilight series and had all the books. Tried them, read the first one and knew it wasn't for me. So I gave the tomes away. But I don't scoff or disparage those who do like the series. (altho I had to laugh through the first movie...the acting was too pathetic) Do I think Harry Potter is about witchcraft? Absolutely not. Yes I know it has witches in it and wizards. Merlin was a wizard and I love his stories!

Harry Potter is all about good v. evil. And he always ALWAYS uses good and combats evil. That's the message. And it's a message that some of these naysayers ought to learn. Actually they just ought to learn to be good. Period.

Oh well...that's my rant for the morning.


Lin Floyd said...

it always helps to get our rants out...hope you still like me even if I don't read potter books. I like you and you read potter. lol!

heather said...

Are you on goodreads? We should be friends. I'd love to know what you're reading.

Dawn Mercedes said...

Yes, I couldn't even read the first paragraph of the Twillight series...despite being encoraged repeatedly. One friend "loaned" me her book...for MONTHS...until I said, again..I'm not going to read this you go...and gave it back to her!

LOVED the HP series!

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