Monday, November 01, 2010


Niko and I awoke to the most horrible noise the morning...the kind that makes you sit straight up in bed and fear for your life. It was so not a dog's bark...but I think it was a goose. Niko charged off the bed and raced to the family room. I didn't get up. I just listened. Maybe a goose got stuck on or in a fence. I don't know but after awhile the noise stopped. I got up, let Niko out, but didn't see any goose. But what a racket it made while it was around.

This is another one of our anniversaries...this time it's for the day Robert proposed to me, 1971, in the botanical gardens at BYU. It's also the day my parents got married, 1945. It's called All-Saints Day and lucky for me, I married a saint in so many ways.

So, to celebrate (actually that was an afterthought) Robert got a new lawnmower. This morning, I looked out the bedroom window to see him working on the lawnmower. I asked him how it was going and it was not going well. Since I was going to the grocers anyway, and since he always comes with me, I suggested we go visit M&M mowers. That worked well with his plans since he had already placed another lawn equipment in his van to have it overhauled.

I rather dictated what he could buy and which one he could not buy. I remarked that he's getting older and needed a key start one, not one you yank your shoulder out of place in order to get it to run. One that you don't have to push.

And so while there we accomplished two things. He happily brought the new lawnmower and immediately tried it out. And he seemed very happy, announcing that it's a dream much easier than the old one.

It has a nice back and scoop and who knows what else. But for now, we have a workable mower. He's happy...and I said, Happy Anniversary.

While paying for it, my debit card was marked "canceled" so before we hit the grocers we went to the bank. Turns out there was a lot of purchases made on that card, and made not by me. So thanx to the vigilant watchdogs at Chase, they flagged my account, tried to reach me on my cell since they figured I was traveling but 1) my cell phone doesn't work in this house and 2) with all the political calls I've gotten pre election I didn't answer the calls. They automatically cancelled my card and didn't accept the charges. Now they will go after the buyers if they can. So buying the lawnmower accomplished something else.

Robert decided he wanted hamburgers for lunch. So I bought fresh ground chuck and went to the basement and came up with these:

Back in 1976, I sold Tupperware in order to be able to buy a dresser for Dawn and Cara so the new baby (Jocelyn) would be able to use the baby dresser. These have been used often, and then not again for years. But when they do surface, they make the perfect burger. And they snap together if you wanted to make burgers ahead of time or freeze a bunch. It was rather fun to use these. And hamburgers on the grill are always the best, even after summer has ended. But hamburgers made with fresh meat are even better. So much better than those tough ones you buy ready made and boxed up in the freezer department.

So that was my day. I am now trying a new recipe to surprise Robert with when he gets home around midnight. So far it looks good but I don't think it's doing exactly what it ought to be doing. So I should get back to it.

I have put away the Halloween decorations and we are now showing off Thanksgiving decor. I washed a couple of windows and struggled to get the one over the sink to close. I tried calling a few people to see if I could find someone at home. But no luck. So after about 3 hours of attempting to close it, I finally succeeded. I have this problem each time I wash that window...I think it's because I can't reach up and over the sink/counter so well. But the house is ready for late fall...the weather has been very nice this fall. We are blessed


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Happy day!

Lin Floyd said...

sounds like a perfect anniversary-new lawn mower and happy hubby. I used to have a hamburger patty maker thing-it disappeared somewhere in our!

Dawn Mercedes said...

I love you guys!!

JP said...

I don't get what the noise was....was it really geese? When I was young that was exactly the way we made our hamburgers. I always loved making them so perfect. We would buy lots of meat and then freeze them. Congrats on the lawn mower, but where's the snowblower??!! Ha!

JP said...

Oh yea, Happy Anniversary!

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