Tuesday, November 23, 2010

June 9, 1973

{First off, LIN.....Of course I will like you, I will even love you, even tho you don't read HP. Silly woman! I may not like it that you can write better poetry than me...or that you can assemble your thoughts into books, but I do like you!}

We lived in this tiny little house in Parma when we first moved back here. It was a house behind a large house on Grantwood Avenue, next to a parking lot of a grocery store which I always called Millet's because of a store in Provo...but it had some other name. Our one phone, on the wall in the kitchen had a cord that could reach to each corner in the house. Yes, it was a longer cord but it was still a small house. And I loved it. When my mom found out we would not be living out West but instead moving to Ohio, she found us this home. $75/month.

On June 9, 1973, I have a clear remembrance of sitting in our very blue living room, watching the Belmont Stakes on a very small black and white television which sat on the bottom of the rack that held our most impressive stereo and large speakers. This was the final gem in the triple crown and I was with every other horse race lover, hoping for a triple crown winner in Secretariat. And we were not disappointed. I watched her win with a 31 length distance. It was amazing. I was tearful, probably crying...but I was pregnant at the time with my first child, Dawn...so I could have been hormonal.

But it was an amazing race. I always watched these 3 races. As you may recall from a previous entry, I loved going to the track with my dad, betting on the horses with my sister...all of $2 to show. But we always came home with more money than we started with.

Robert didn't have that same experience growing up so he wasn't much into watching races...altho he does humor me now and again.

Last night for FHE, Robert agreed to go to dinner and a movie....and we finally got to see the Disney movie, Secretariat. And it was incredible. Truly a family movie. We just wondered, that even though we knew the outcome, how was it that we were still wrought up inside. We were so excited. So thrilled by it all. And then, at the very end, you learned what happened to each of these characters and see the real people...it was super! And not being hormonal this time, I still got weepy!

Horses...amazing. Powerful, strong, beautiful, fast. And I believe like Penny that horses know their own personalities and what they can do and cannot do. It was a great night.

I had begun the day learning I had fractured a tooth and had to have it taken care of. The permanent crown will be put on Dec 3. Man, I do not want to say how nasty this experience was.....so I won't (but it was).

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Lin Floyd said...

be happy you have insurance and money to get your tooth repaired. Glad you still like me...lol!

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