Monday, November 15, 2010

5 years, 8 months, 1 day

Robert was released yesterday as Bishop from the church. 5 years seem to be the norm these days for the duration of the call. The new Bishop (Young) made mention of how hard it might be for his wife as Sister Hatch could attest to. I think because my children were grown when Robert was called, things were easier in that aspect. However, overall it was the easiest 5-8-1 ever.

I only was told one snarky comment face to face about Robert and that was just over a week ago. Because I already knew the release was coming I opted to not snark back. But, boy, I could have. However, I don't waste my considerable snarkiness on pathetic people so I let it slide. On thinking about it this morning, I realize that perhaps my very strongly opinionated personality and sharp wit and tongue (take note, tongue in cheek being very evident here) probably saved me from a lot of comments which I am certain were spoken elsewhere. People knew better than to say them to me...cuz I'd tear off their skin in layers and they knew it. Maybe there is a bit of Indian in me afterall?

There's an element of our 'community' which drives me nuts. We are close and are often willing to go to great lengths to serve and care for each other. But some people forget that there's a line. That there's a privacy factor that needs to be respected. And crossing it drives me bananas. I am not always successful but I try of late to remember that if I were walking in some person's moccasins I might see things differently...and not comment. Who knows.

But in any case...I have my husband back. I announce to all who will listen (tho probably not abide) that I am going to be the one who issues my husband callings now. And the first calling is that he sits next to me in the pew each Sunday. And when I go to visit another ward, he will be my driver and my companion and my pew mate.

Let's see how long this lasts!

But I still say, this was the easiest of a 5-8-1 time period. It was a time filled with lots of blessings and abilities and time. My not-so-friendly friend Terese told me that now I will lose all the abilities and time. We shall see. She's been through this before so she know...I'm just gonna hope she's wrong.

But...Welcome Home Robert!


Jocelyn Christensen said...

congratulations Daddy on a job well-done (good and faithful servant!)

Nikki said...

I think Bishop Hatch was a wonderful bishop, and I don't see how anyone could say anything negative about him. A big thank you to him for his service, and an even bigger thank you to you for sharing him with us.

Lin Floyd said...

well done, both of you.

Sophia said...

I thought of you both yesterday and my first thought was that you can sit together now. I always think of that as one of the best blessings for the wife of the released bishop. I'm certain that Robert was a great bishop. how could he have been anything but! LYB!


heather said...

Here's hoping for many long years of cozy pew snuggling in the future. I think you should suggest Robert for primary pianist again. We just spent the evening with our ward's male primary pianist and all agreed that primary is magnificent and so much fun when you have a witty male pianist on the bench.

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