Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Roland Holt

This is a dear sweet man...father to my friend Rebecca. He went with Rebecca and her husband Randy to Boston to visit family and became sick while there. He's been in hospital and rehab for weeks now. I just learned that this sweet man passed yesterday morning, with Rebecca sitting next to him, telling him how much she and all her family loved him.

What a blessed way to leave this earth.

Br. Holt came to live with Rebecca and family here in Amherst while his wife recuperated from a fall and surgery and age. Sister Holt passed away while here. This was a man who did so many wonderful things. Was so many wonderful things. He was a force for good and all things righteous and we were blessed to have known him.

His granddaughter, Karen, wrote a great tribute to him on her blog.

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Lin Floyd said...

well now they are together-his wife and him...

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