Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I left Cleveland Hopkins on Monday, Sept 27, on my way to visit Hank, Marissa and their new infant, Henry. The flight was delayed 4 hours because of storms and high winds over NYC. That was a long wait in Cleveland and I feared not getting there that night at all...but I did. Just after 1am. I manged to get in the queue for a taxi all by myself. I gave the cabbie the address and we started down the highway. Suddenly we were coming up to an exit and he asks me if this was the correct exit...naturally I didn't know. So he pulls up to the exit sign, in the small V-shaped area between exiting traffic and traffic driving at break neck NYC speed forward. He sits there and GPS's his way to the apt. Then backs up and takes the exit. Whew! Glad it was so late, and fewer cars.

I called Marissa on the phone so she could come and open the doors. Even in the best of times, Marissa being awakened is not a coherent Marissa. But she kissed me, wandered up the wonderful old elevator and got me to her apt. The bed was ready for me and I was ready for the bed. Fell soundly asleep

but was awakened at 9am (9am for me! Really! that's almost unheard of) to "this" beside me. Well almost this. Actually, I rolled over because I felt the weight of something beside me and there was Henry...and Marissa was watching from the side and then Hank was behind me...they both wanted to see my expression when I first laid eyes on the wee babe.

It was so touching. I said 'almost' above because actually he just had a diaper on, but I had brought this silky/flannely little blanket with a bear's head attached in the middle so he could get some soft comfort.

Then I gave him is silver dollar, from 2010, the old tradition of passing silver cross the palm of a newborn for luck, I suppose, but to hint that he will have money. And today, silver is a pretty good thing to have around. I reminded the parents that this was hard money, and not be spent til times get rough since that coin is worth more than the $1.

But it was fun playing with the new Trefethen family. Lots of good talks. Naps. Food. I went to a real grocery store with Marissa one night, not the ethnic ones that you can just walk to get to. I honestly don't know how to live in a city with no car. Oh, they have a car at present but will soon get rid of it. It gets towed too often. But how do you really shop if you can't take a car to haul the stuff home in.

And they have an URBAN CART....we took that with us in the car so we could tote the bags home from around the block where we had to park the car.
But on one afternoon, Marissa used it to take her laundry down to wash. Very convenient. I guess when no one else is home, she can pop Henry on the top of the laundry and haul him downstairs with her. One afternoon we insisted Dawn download Skype so we were able to 'be together' and chat and show off Henry.

I had fun taking lots of pictures. So I'll put a few here for you to enjoy. First the family.Here's a picture of Henry in my grandfather's christening gown, made for him by his grandmother. It's old and sweet...but Hank has his own blessing day outfit which Henry will probably wear so I just brought this along for a picture. It's not the outfit, it's the ordinance that counts.

Another one closer up and this time you can see the Baby Mary Janes I always knit for babies...mine and everyone else's. I learned to knit these from my grandma and mom...the pattern came from England. Not a good shot, but for history, there is Henry in all his Welsh/British fashions. And by the way, Henry is not just a JR...he's actually the 5th Henry Scott Trefethen in his direct lineage so officially he will be Henry Scott Trefethen V...how cool is that. One afternoon, I started to read Shakespeare's Henry V to him. I think he enjoyed the soothing sounds of the bard...not to mention the humor.

these are some other random pictures.

with the hippo that his daddy bought him

naked in his parents' hands behind the picture Marissa painted of her hand

learning to sleep while in the bathtub...covered with a nice warm washcloth...it reminds me of how Marissa could soak and read a book in the tub.... for hours.

and one last kiss before I had to leave.

I always told my kids to come home and visit but not to live here...that they needed to make their own lives. Now...I am sorry I wasn't a selfish mom and insisted her kids live nearby. It was very hard to say goodbye. I was glad when the hired car pulled up so I could snuffle somewhat on my own.

It was a great few days. Thanks Trefethens3


Dawn Mercedes said...

hahaha great review in pix! hi henry!! running to soccer...,never enough time

JP said...

Such great pictures! He looks very sweet!

Lin Floyd said...

looks like a lovely time meeting the new grand baby...reading shakespeare already WOW!

Kate said...

What a cutie! Glad you enjoyed your visit.

heather said...

what a beautiful boy! I bet it'd be hard to leave him. It makes me miss Levi's newborn days already. So glad you got to have a little visit.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Hey that's a nice picture of Hank and M2...looking so parental! Very nice!

marissa said...

good looking baby, if i do say so myself...also, only one week left until i'll be able to soak in the tub again! maybe not for hours, but i'll take what i can get.
thanks for coming, mom!

Rebecca Stay said...

Great Hair, Hank!
And I love the Brit fashions.
Many congratulations

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