Sunday, October 03, 2010


I know by now most of you are tired of hearing me say I love to iron. But I do. I even got to iron some of Hank's shirts last week, and rework their ironing board so their future ironing is easier.

I know that I wrote about the old mangle, or IronRite, that my mom used to looked like this. And it was just the coolest thing. See the little knee 'pedal' under the base? That's how you would lower or raise the roller, which would press the material against the very hot base. So cool...I cannot begin to tell you how I loved that thing. How I wanted it moved from my mom's house to mine but at that point we were living in an apartment and there was no room. But it is still a fond memory.

Yesterday as I was checking my emails, I found this from Ken's sewing machine company, which is where I ordered my serger. This is the deal of the day. I suppose you'd have to say it's a new and improved mangle...and it comes with a stand free if you buy today. Well, I am not buying it today, or tomorrow but it was great to see that such a thing is still out there.

So if there are any of you out there, with lots of money, and love to iron, love to have professional creases, this is the item for you.

Way cool!


Lin Floyd said...

I hate to iron BUT I have bed sheets that need ironing. So everytime I wash them, I feel guilty putting them wrinkled on my bed BUT they straighten out quickly. Who ever heard of sheets that aren't permanent press. LOL!

Shear Sensations said...

I love to iron, actually I iron everything... my old house clothes, pillow cases & aprons. Those old school teachings & habits from grandma are hard to get rid of. I hate to see someone wear wrinkle clothes but most of the now generation could care less. Though I admire Hillary for ironing all of Jordan's clothes...yeah go Hillary!!!You go girl!!! Sorry Susan can't afford that expensive iron. I'll stick to my wonderful heavy duty it.

Sherri said...

Working for a cleaners, I can only imagine how much money some of my customers could save by having this item. Several of them could just press their clothes at home and save $$$, but then I would not have a job. AND most of them are paying to save time, not so much the whole idea of ironing that they are vetoing... To some degree I don't mind David getting to wear casual clothes for work. We can buy $12 jeans rather than $60 shirts!

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