Sunday, September 12, 2010

who you gonna call?

Yesterday was the anniversary of the 9-11 horrors from 9 years ago. I did not watch any of the ceremonies and deliberately stayed away from any coverage. I remember so well when Jocelyn called me from CNN DC to tell me to turn on TV, that some plane had flown into the world trade center tower. I did. And watching what I thought was a replay turned out to be the 2nd plane. I don't need to 'celebrate' it by revisiting it.

Instead I thought about various events from those moments. And since we have been concentrating on Family this month, I thought about the people who, knowing they would die, called who? Their families, their spouses. Left messages when they didn't reach a live person.

In true times of trouble and pain, who do we call? Usually it's a family member. Who do we call when we have something to celebrate and be excited over? Family. There's a connection that really doesn't get broken unless we do the breaking. And usually very few of us do that.

I think about incidents I have heard about and think how sad it is that pride gets in the way of making peace. When we are more concerned for self than we are for others, very little gets accomplished. But just as those people on that one plane, were heard to say, "let's roll", so too should we say that, having gathered up the courage to keep our families together, willing to die rather than lose those eternal connections. IS about time... So Who are you gonna call today?


Jocelyn Christensen said...

It's a little late to call now, but I will! :)

Lin Floyd said...

same with young soldiers in the war, who when wounded or dying called out for their mothers. families are forever

Lindsey the Muse-r said...

I used to think about this when my twin boys didn't like each other at all. Now they're to the point that any time something good happens, they'll rush off to share the good news with their brothers. It makes my heart burst and I hope that when bad things happen they'll turn to each other, too.
I've been extremely blessed with my family and I've sometimes wondered, if I were in a situation like the 9-11 victims- not who would I call, but how in the world would I call everyone that I wanted to??

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