Saturday, September 18, 2010

the Van

One of those blogs that is honoring the Proclamation to the World had an entry on a 15 passenger van and a huge family, etc., etc., etc. Be sure to read it, it's fun. Naturally, I leave comments and this one brought about so many memories . So I decided to write them here:

Funny....we had 5 kids and loved every one of them for all their quirks. But we didn't own a 15 passenger van. Instead, we owned a used 1978 Ford F250 Econoline converted van, (and yes, I HATE Fords...not sure why we had this one except it was one we could afford. My mom lent us the money and we paid her back just as you would any other car loan...set amount, with interest). Yellow like school buses. 4 captain chairs and the back was a U-shaped 'couch' with a table in the middle that could slide into groves...which would make up a bed when the back pillows were place just so.

It went everywhere with us. And because of its color, we could see it from atop the rides at Cedar Point, from the mass of humanity at Palmyra Pageant. It glowed in the dark. It was perfect.

There were names given to it by others that I cannot print but we enjoyed it. The kids were bothered if someone touched their feet, their spot but how could they not. There was a ladder that went up the back. I cannot tell you how many times, someone would climb that. We had sleep overs in it, in the driveway,behind a closed fence gate. It traveled well.

It was fun...but I'll tell you this...I did not take the kids grocery shopping with me. Back in the day, you could leave your kids home without fear of being locked up for child endangerment. So Robert and I would race to the corner and shop. I'd shop once a month for groceries. We'd have carts filled, extra baggers came to help. Boy, was I glad when it was over, the groceries on shelves and/or frig with Xs marking items that could not be eaten willy-nilly because they were needed for the menu.

If memory serves, we traded it in for the VW Vanagon...without telling the kids. And boy was Marissa not happy about that. But the engine was going and it was rusting and I felt it was time. I grew up with a dad who got a new car every couple of years. I have never been comfortable with rusty cars altho we have had more than our share.

But luckily, I could always find a spot to park...And back then, no one really bothered us with 5 kids. So I guess I still don't see big families, even bigger than mine as an issue. And I guess I still don't see 5 kids as large. They grew up in a very small house and survived. But as I think about it, each of our kids are 'houses' as in the gospel terminology.


Lin Floyd said...

fun memories. I remember downsizing with my 3 kids family when I divorced to a ford pinto. but later I added another kid and a new husband so it was back to larger cars. those were the days...

Jocelyn Christensen said...

That was a great van and I remember my jaw hitting the ground when I saw you roll up in the VW...I thought it looked like a bullet and the sun was reflecting off the windshield. Then I realized you were serious and thought "Oh my, they've gone and done it again...another unforgettable Van!" We could never just blend in!

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