Saturday, September 04, 2010

Saturday is a special day

And not just cuz it's the day we get ready for's how my Saturday began.

First a little a lot.

Robert works afternoons so the earliest he can get home is 11:30pm. And that's what he did last night because we had to awaken at 3:15am to get ready to travel in convoy down to Columbus with the youth from our ward. I went to sleep at 10pm because I knew I'd be driving so Robert could get a few more hours of sleep, if possible.

He comes home and falls into bed exhausted. The phone rings at 12:05am. I didn't want to answer it unless it was Marissa telling me she was on her way to deliver her first child. Without glasses, I peer at the Caller ID....Did it say Max Gay? Why would Max be calling me and at that hour? Didn't answer it but stewed. Looked at the Caller ID again...did it say Sharon Ray? Nah...she wouldn't be calling us. I lay in bed another minute trying to make my mind 'see' the number. Did it say APX Alarm? That's Daphne's home protection service! Immediately, the phone rings again and this time I could clearly see that Sandra was calling me because the Alarm system had called her. Something was going on at Daphne's house and I had a spare key. Would I meet her there? Of course.

I throw on clothes and drive down the street 8 houses, arriving just as Sandra is running into the driveway. There are 2 cop cars out front and the cops are in the are Molly and Mark who bought our 809. Seems Molly needed a toilet plunger, didn't have one, and decided she could borrow Daphne's. But instead of hitting the OFF button on the alarm, Molly kept hitting the PANIC button. So altho it might seem funny right now, last night it wasn't as much. I kept wondering why did Molly need the plunger then, at midnight, when she has 2 other toilets in that house. Hmmmmmm? Didn't ask! Once I awaken, I don't go back to sleep so quickly. Let me tell you....driving to Columbus at 4:30 was not easy. Luckily, gratefully, we arrived safely. Robert now calls Molly, "the midnight plumber."

I dropped Robert off with the youth and spent a few morning hours with Jordan and Hillary and Lily. Then Jordan and Hillary went to join Robert and I got to be with Lily. It was NICE! I managed a 20 minute nap while Lily napped. Everyone returned home and we had lunch and then Robert and I departed for pack and be ready to spend 2 days with the Barretts in MI.....There's the Romeo Peach Festival and parade. Can't wait. Will post that info Tuesday....see you then.

Now Saturday becomes the day to get ready for Sunday......

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Lin Floyd said...

sounds like a full fun exciting weekend. Enjoy your next trip.

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